Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Great Chess Game

It's a common thread with Hope & Change liberals that Obama plays chess while conservatives play checkers. In reality they are all playing a game more complicated than you can imagine, and then multiplied. The pawns on the right don't get that. They like simple answers, but they also like to pick the winners in advance, it's just that in the long run, it doesn't work that way. God isn't picking winners and losers, and if he did, they wouldn't be who the game would be rigged to benefit. Demons in Hell would be playing soccer with their heads.

In 2008, Obama routinely out maneuvered McCain-Palin and now he has four years as POTUS under his belt. (He's seen the real Zapruder film and the files from Roswell.) I'm kidding of course (not really), but the real point is that he has knowledge, resources, and infrastructure the rest of us can only dream of. More importantly he has some clue what to do with it. Republicans have always squandered those resources enriching their cronies.

This doesn't mean that I know for sure that Obama will win, or even that he is really on our side. I do know the people he opposes want to make us into serfs or worse. He does give me that little spark of hope every now and then, like when he does something he didn't need to do that might shift things in our favor.

If nothing else, he pisses off the traitors of our Democracy that I hate.


Green Monkey said...

Regarding the FDIC failed bank list: Everything I've read the FDIC can only cover this recent issue of "No Acquirer" 's coming up a couple of times, that doing so ONCE would consume a great deal of its annual budget/allotments, that it gets by by reselling the assets/liabilities on to acquiring institutions. Do you know how many times it can do this and what kind of liability it's looking at now in terms of it total budget? How much closer to insolvency is the FDIC getting by these actions?

Chris, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

prairie2 said...

The FDIC tries to unload banks it takes over to other banks without paying out any money. It depends on just how bad the overall economy is, as to whether not this can be done on a big scale. In practical terms, the FDIC can't run out of money as long as the Congress authorizes the Treasury to loan it money. The US has such enormous public assets, and cash flow potential, that it can print as much money as it needs. The billionaires are circulating crash rumors with the ultimate goal of them taking over everything.

Demand_Sider said...

How stupid are these Republicans?

At least this stupid: