Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will this movie ever end?

Did you watch the news this morning? A guy in top hat and tails (a billionaire, I guess) reached into a stinking hole and pulled out a large corpulent rat that squirmed and whined. Then Newt Gingrich declared six more weeks of campaigning. Tomorrow will be exactly like the last 10,950 days. (30 years)


Dave said...

The rats I had around my home were pretty meaty too.They were also wild animals I had to do away with using lethal traps.

The wealthy have rodents too though they'd never know it. They have people who have people to deal with issues like that.

Why should the wealthy bother themselves with urban wildlife or even grocery check-out scanners? Their homes get clean and food arrives by magic.

macnow said...

Just wanted to post a link for the commercial from Cisco that shows the assembly line with no humans and machines that fix themselves.

Yeah it's 3D, and stuff doesn't exactly happen like that yet; but point made.

P2 had talked about it (this commercial that is getting heavy rotation on CNN and other sites, especially tech ones) about 2 post ago... and forum poster Craig had asked about it.

I am all for evolution of technology, just don't know how we keep a middle class if we replace everybody in it (specifically lower middle class, financially)with machines etc..

Now I know everybody won't be replaced overnight; but it has been happening in large swaths of the economy. And this does not create vast amounts of new jobs that everyone hypes. U6 numbers have bored this out for years... Oh wait we use the less telling U3 numbers now (looks less drastic, and can be fudged easier).

It seems to me, all the workers who bust their ass to get a company thru thick and thin, and help companies to make massive profits, then to be replaced on the drop of a hat by robots, or humans used like robots in foreign outsource companies...

...well that don't seem to make a sound society to me.

Nobody is even talking real smart growth, let alone planning for it etc.

No luddite here, just saying what I see.

Demand_Sider said...

Technology has been blamed for job losses for a long time. Ask yourself, "Who will make the machines?" This is just a stinking old red herring hauled out by neoliberals and Republicans
who refuse to acknowledge that consumer spending comprises 2/3 of our economy, yet capitalists on Wall St. prefer the majority of our most important industry, manufacturing, be done by State Owned Enterprises in Communist China.