Friday, February 10, 2012

Tales from Uncle Remus

Tales from Uncle Remus (apologies to the author, the part of Brer Fox will be played by Brer Rabbit)

Brer Rabbit had a problem. He had been elected to be leader of the Free Forest after defeating grumpy old Brer Bear and his running mate Brer Cuckoo Bird, but lately it was a hard life in the forest. So Brer Rabbit set about first thing to fix the healthcare system of the forest. The ideas he was able to get passed by the Critter Congress weren’t all that good, but they were a big improvement over letting the predators run the system. They tended to eat the sick, especially the middle-class animals who they hated most awful.

The animals running for Brer Rabbit’s job came from the predator class and were competing to see who could tell the biggest lies about Brer Rabbit and about Rabbitcare (a name that was supposed to make the dumber animals in forest think it was bad). Brer Fox spent a lot of money making the dumb animals dumber. Even Brer Wolf over at Critter News Network (CNN) joined in whenever he could. Mostly they just didn’t like the color of his fur.

The contest for the animal that would race to get Brer Rabbit’s job was down to just three: Brer Weasel (he had made his money raiding hen houses and “re-structuring” them); Brer Polecat (he liked to cheat on each of the former Mrs Brer Polecat when they got old and sick); and Brer Rat (he was just a rat in a sweater).

One day Brer Rabbit had an idea: the new healthcare law was going to require the all the insurance companies to provide litter-control for all the animals in the forest equally, and he knew some 2% of forest animals really hated the idea and would do anything to stop it. While it was true that employers who provided health insurance had been required to do this for the past 12 years,  the predator class wasn’t really into history so they didn’t know this.

So Brer Rabbit made a “baby” from a lump of tar and told the animals of the forest that this baby would provide litter-control free of charge to all the animals of the forest, and their employers’ insurance would be required to pay for it, even businesses that were owned by churches (this was already the law, but shhhh, don’t say anything).

Immediately Brer Weasel, Brer Polecat, and Brer Rat ran out from the thicket and attacked the Tar Baby with much hatred. The female animals of the forest weren’t very happy about their right to healthcare being attacked, but the attackers didn’t care. They were going to destroy Brer Rabbit once and for all. Then Brer Rabbit came out from the briar patch and announced that the churches wouldn’t need to pay for litter-control. The insurance companies would pay for it directly, since it actually saved them lots and lots of money by providing preventative care.

Then Brer Weasel, Brer Polecat, and Brer Rat looked up and realized they were stuck to the Tar Baby and they looked very stupid. The female animals of the forest saw them in a whole new way. Brer Rabbit chuckled and hopped down the road to the finish line.


John said...

Actually, then the collected Brer Raving Assholes said they would put into LAW a right that "would permit any employer or insurance plan to exclude any health service, no matter how essential, from coverage if they morally object to it." This from Blount (Christo-fascist-Mo)

So we now have a proposed law that would destroy our system of "law not man," by deferring action affecting others to the "moral" choices of other individuals.

This certainly will present Brer Rabbit with yet another defining moment. Hope he drops the big Rabbit veto instead of his usual flaccid pellets.

John Puma

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Disney animated short about the Tar Baby can no longer be seen so the lesson it teaches is lost on all those young one who are blindly following the lemming leaders over the cliff.

Anonymous said...

Brer Oblahblah might have won another checkers game, but Brer First Amendment is losing the chess match ........ and Brer Pyrrhus shakes his head.

prairie2 said...

Brer Pyrrhus? How did the First Amendment take irreplaceable losses? I'm not sure which side you're trying to argue. Do you favor separation of church and state, or the opposite? Or, do you think Obama was diminished by his victory?

John said...


"The liberal association Catholics for Choice reacted negatively Friday to President Barack Obama’s compromise aimed at defusing a row over access to birth control by employees of religious organizations.

“We are glad to see that the administration did not choose to cave completely to the bishops,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice.

He said the compromise relied on insurance companies doing the right thing, and gave a victory to the bishops."

By Agence France-Presse

fype said...

Interesting... In my opinion, Uncle Remus fables or allegories describe and predict many recent political happenings. My favorite is Rush's intense (apparent) hatred for Brer Rabbit. That one is "don't throw me (Rush) in the briar patch." If Rush has the power that he has ascribed to him by himself and others, how did Barry get elected? I'm praying that Brer Mole is not now living at 1600 Pa Ave, just as Rush had hoped. BTW, the fact that the Disney version is almost extinct... Well, there's that pesky amendment #1 being trashed.

Anonymous said...

Pyrrhic victories: This matter was a long settled matter of Constitutional law based upon the 1st and 14th Amendments, in addition its to reinforcement by several laws passed by Congress. Obama blew it in making an unnecessary comprise of those principles, which in the long run will undermine basic rights that were not in question. As Pyrrhus would haved noted, the more of these 'victories' Obama has, the more certain it is that we will lose the war. He's the one playing checkers, whilst they're playing chess ......... or maybe go?

prairie2 said...

John, don't confuse the spin from the losers for reality. It's the vote totals that count. More than half of voters are women and 98% use birth control. Do the math.

Anonymous said...

OK, so Kingfish [re Amos & Andy] gets reelected, and our American frog is slowly boiled, as opposed to the quicker stomping from a crazed elephant. How much time do you think current reality will allow Oblahblah to do the right thing eventually, or is it all just a game played with the Righties?

John said...

No argument here: "It's the vote totals that count. More than half of voters are women and 98% use birth control. Do the math."

I suggest you should have explained this to Obama sometime before he caved once again, perhaps in record time, to offer a "compromise," that was nothing more than another opportunity for the radical reich to throw an manufactured "outrage-a-thon." (AND, which compromise, as mentioned above, relies on insurance companies. - -GMFB)

Describe for me the demographic that will be stimulated to vote for Obama after his umpteenth demonstration of apparent desire NOT to achieve policy goals but rather to avoid upsetting the American Reich.

John Puma

prairie2 said...

Obama didn't compromise with the right on this, he told them what allowance for religion he was going to make. Basically none. The more the right screams about this, the more of the middle moves toward Obama. The latest polls indicate 20% actual Republicans like Obama better than the choices available to them. And John, to make your comments easier to read, how about limiting them to "I hate Obama, no matter what he does" and save the rationalization.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

What I noticed from Obama's "tar baby" trick with healthcare -- is that NOW the employees who work for religious organizations will get MORE birth control help than before the Bible Thumpers started making noises.

The Health Insurers now contact the women directly -- and their employer doesn't get to know if they are taking advantage of it.

I'm pretty sure there are quite a few Catholic church employees now who will breathe a sigh of relief, and not have to fill the coffers by downloading a bunch of babies.

>> If Obama were secretly using this sort of Judo on a larger scale, that means he's been using Bush's Domestic Spying and "fascist power" provisions to get dirt on all the War Criminals and 5th Columnists BushCo left embedded in the government.

... I know it's not likely, but a man can dream, can't he?

Fake_William_Shatner said...

And John, to make your comments easier to read, how about limiting them to "I hate Obama, no matter what he does" and save the rationalization.

I think John has you confused with an Obama apologist who LIKES everything Obama does all the time. Either he doesn't read the posts often, or he isn't paying attention.

I've got a love/hate relationship with Obama that is only mitigated by the hate/hate towards the 4th Reich Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Obama comprised the First Amendment but agreeing that a non-religious health care business owned by a religous establishment is entitled to a special type of treatment under the laws which apply unequivocally to all other such entreprises. You tell me exactly where that supposed Wall of Separation is located now, and that it can not now be more easily lowered or moved because of what Obama did?

Dave said...

All I can say is that I enjoyed this tale. It made me laugh and I need more of that.

Anonymous said...

"And John, to make your comments easier to read, how about limiting them to "I hate Obama, no matter what he does" and save the rationalization."

Seems like the apologists who carry water for the Democrats just want some cheerleaders.

prairie2 said...

"carry water", at least that one was short, John.

macnow said...

Hey P2 isn't nice that now you have your own personal trolls.

I guess this means you made it.