Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jobs, jobs, jobs... birth control, birth control, witches, witches...

Unlike past performances in the Republican debates where every other word was "jobs", as in why doesn't the socialist, corporate crony Kenyan Keynesian create any, the last Republican debates mentioned jobs only four times with Santorum using the word exactly zero times. You might think that with the Michigan primary just around the corner, and that being a state with close to the highest unemployment rate would want to hear about how Republicans would create jobs. (by closing Detroit) Instead they were treated to screeds that were considered far right in 1955.


Dave said...

I had to go the dictionary to look up "screed." It's either a rant a tool used in laying on concrete. Considering the block-headed nature of the most recent Republican tirades, either definition could apply.

Most politically right-leaning people I know, the ones I surprise with some of my views showing up to the "right" of theirs, are smart enough to see this Republican nonsense for the horse shit it is. However there are probably some who think Santorum and his analogs make sense. For you I say this:

If you believe these Republican candidates care about the stuff their spouting, want the best for you or your family, or look at you as anything other that a resource to be strip-mined, you're a dope, plain and simple.