Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When the Cheshire Romney fades away, only the creepy smile remains

What is it that’s so creepy about Willard? It’s because Romney gets a certain look on his face when he thinks he’s said something overwhelmingly clever; it’s like he expects a certain reward. You see this a lot with right wingers; it’s something hardwired into their brains.  It’s occurred to me where I first saw this: his expression looks just like the one the old WB animators would put on the faces of the two human characters that Bugs Bunny always encountered stranded on the desert island. It’s when the one castaway would look at the other and see him as a pork chop; it’s insatiable hunger, barely contained anticipation and utter madness all rolled into one facial expression.

It’s probably not true that when Romney kisses a baby that he’s tasting the little dumpling. It’s really absolute power and complete domination over others that he craves. If he had absolute power, he probably would be in competition to break the records of Emperor Caligula. Bush showed the same behavior, but he was at least able to hide it in campaign appearances, and his handlers kept his meds up, most of the time. Romney has even less discipline than Bush. I never thought I’d say that about somebody with a real shot at being President, unless you count VP candidates.

Mitt admitted today that his income tax rate is “probably around” 15%. How could somebody who obsesses with lowering the tax rate to zero not know to the penny how much he pays? Maybe because it‘s much less than that? He says he’ll release his tax returns after the primaries are over. Romney says his rate is so low because his income is almost entirely from “investments made a long time ago”. As if the ancient history aspect of it made this okay. (that creepy grin again)

Mitt said he makes “a little” from giving speeches that gets taxed the way you or I get taxed. Try $375,000 last year, that’s just “a little” to Mitt, and it probably really is to him. That amount alone is enough to put him at the threshold of The One Percent, but it’s pocket change if you’re in the top one tenth of one percent. Mitt probably never had an income that low since that first day out of Harvard Business when he became the CEO of Bain Capital. At least not after he looted his first company.

Reports are that Bain under Romney took ten of millions in government subsidies as they played local governments against one another in a vain attempt to save jobs. He also had a habit of making a deal to buy a company, and then would “talk down the deal” after all other bidders went home. Romney’s Bain would find fault over what were really just nitpicking details to get a much better price, knowing that it would panic other potential buyers if they pulled out. These are just a couple of the things you do to get an 85% return on investment. Every time that worked, you can imagine that creepy little smile. www.prairie2.com


Anonymous said...

Give ole Mittens Rodney and his ilk that ole tax rate of about 90% like it was in the good ole days. The goobermoint is a state of mind. It only exists in peoples minds. People subscribe to it as frame work of our modern society. I am under the impression that most of the 99% want that modern society to provide a livable and improving standard of living. The safeguards, regulations, and regulation and uniformity of currency create an economy in which this society can prosper. However the slithery santorum heads that run through these elections and get elected are very real among us. Yes, they reside in office buildings, and they gang up and succumb to all special interests but us , the 99%. They believe they are part of something that entitles them to shape that modern society and economy to serve them, first at the general economies expense and now that a great share of the wealth has been drained they wish to devour what is left.
That I believe is that look you refer to. That look is Shittens minds eye of the santorum dribbling off his staff of power after he has put it to the the economy that we the 99ers live in. I think ole Bonner and others have the same crap fantasy, imaginary belief of self importance (impotence?-self loathing? tiny little wieners?). I hope enough people see through these a$$wipes and insist on better candidates.