Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pretend this website is blacked out

It's too hard for an old fossil like me to shut down for today's protest, so just read this statement, shut it off yourself, and come back Thursday.

These so called copyright infringement laws are simply intended to walmartize the internet. Nobody who doesn't have the ability to stand up the major corporations will be able to put anything up on the net. All competition will simply be squashed. The mere accusation of infringement will cost more in legal fees than any small company or individual can withstand. Even if the government doesn't shut down the falsely accused, as these bills would allow them to do with no hearing or trial. The corporations can simply bring more charges of infringement until the lawyers own your house.

These are exactly the same tactics that Franken-food companies are using on farmers that grow their own seed. Massive lawsuits for patent infringement if your seed becomes contaminated with "their" DNA (through their corporate misconduct). The Supreme Court took the side of the corporations of course. In India these companies are being prosecuted for piracy. Too bad India is so crowded. We could all move there, and get jobs in the call centers until there is no one here to talk to.