Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you better off?

GOP Party Chairman Rancid Priebus was out on Fox Sunday trumpeting that Americans shouldn't vote for Obama since they aren't better off than they were three years ago. By that logic there are 3 million Americans (1%) that should vote their pocket books for Obama. They are not only better off, but the few thousand at the top have captured trillions of American's wealth. Yet they oppose Obama with a white hot fury and righteous patriotic fervor. This is not because they bleed for the little guy, they believe the little guy should pull himself up by his bootstraps. Not that they ever did. 

They feel threatened by Obama, but not because he has impeded them in any meaningful way. Although you must consider how bad things would be, if they truly had a free hand. They oppose him because he speaks the unspeakable every now and then. They are afraid people are catching on, and I'll point out again that even Republicans don't want to vote for Republicans. Fewer Republicans voted in Iowa than four years ago even though the number of registered Republicans is way up in that swing state, and New Hampshire isn't expected to be any better. They want that mythical Republican that will deliver on trickle down economics, make free trade work, "spread the wealth" (oops, something Obama said) and make us safe from terrorism by killing Osama Bin laden (more oops than Rick Perry).  

Even Republicans are getting tired of the empty rhetoric, Obama passed the Republican alternative to Hillary Care (it also has a lot of protections the Republicans didn't offer). Small business used to the base of the Republican Party, but people like Mitt Romney have driven them out of business. 

People on the right will cling to their guns and religion only so long. The kids and the grand kids are living in the basement but the Republicans are telling them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps; all the while cutting local police, fire protection and closing their schools; their jobs have gone to China; and it's starting to sink in how this happened. They're worse off than three years ago, but three years ago they were worse off than eight years before that, and the same people are back telling them the same things.

Obama started talking about the end of outsourcing in his Saturday radio address. It's still just talk, but it's the right kind of talk. Like Thom Hartman says, we need to create a big parade that Obama can jump out in front of. The occupy/99% movement is an excellent start. 

In other news that might make those canned goods become important: the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff acknowledged  today the Iran does in fact have the ability to block the Strait of Hormuz. Well duh, it's only two miles wide, large bore mortars could easily take out an oil tanker nearly a quarter mile long. If the USN should attempt to transit the strait or get any where close, Iran has hyper-sonic anti ship missiles that there is no defense for. Iran would be vulnerable to an all out air campaign if the US is willing to take the losses from Russian made anti-aircraft missiles. 

Then there is the question of what will the USN do if China shows up with its fleet to break the blockade. The right wing knee-jerk response doesn't need to be spelled out, but reality is something else. Iran is not Iraq, the US is not vastly superior to the competing military technology. WWIII doesn't have any winners, at least not any of those who don't have deep bunkers. Hey, right winger, how deep is your bunker? That stick house you have in the gated community isn't hardened, is it?


Dave said...

Well it's a good thing those kids and grand kids are living in the basement with no hope of ever being able to leave. At least two or three members of the household will be need to be around 24/7 to shoot, with those clingy guns, the ones constantly coming to beg or steal what they need to survive.

Maybe only two or just one will be needed for gun-duty. The others will deal with the bodies.

Oh wait. . .that future is terrible. We can and need to choose differently if we still can.

John said...

The Strait of Hormuz is 34 (not 2) miles wide at the narrowest point and is the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

While the press has dwelt on the US aircraft carrier outside the gulf there has been virtually NO mention that the entire Us 5th fleet is stationed inside the gulf, in Bahrain across from Iran.

Therefore the latest, and umpteenth, escalation of "sanctions" is accompanied by other, critical, permanent provocation of Iran.

John Puma

prairie2 said...

One should always check a widely reported "fact" before repeating it. The shipping channel is perhaps that narrow in places is why the media constantly refers to the two mile number. It's still within easy range of the Silk Worm missile technology that Iran has been manufacturing for many years.