Thursday, January 13, 2011

Word of the day

stochastic terrorism, the use of mass communication to inspire the lone wolf to carry out violent acts. The stochastic terrorist is the propagandist and not the person who does the act.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The code word for attack is “blood libel”

Sarah Palin is under attack by the main stream media for being, well, Sarah Palin. But since she no defense for being Sarah Palin, she makes it an attack on all her followers, especially the paranoid hard right Christian, Armageddon is upon us crowd.

A “blood libel” refers to the practice of massacring Jews by accusing them of murdering children to use their blood in their satanic rituals. The message is clear, the lame stream media is trying to get the villagers incensed enough to start massacring Jews (I mean fundamentalist Christians).
Actually Sarah Palin might think of herself as a Jew, many on the bottom layers of Christian fundamentalism think they are the “real” Jews who follow Jesus and those people who have the Synagogues are fake Jews and Satan worshipers.

Even more mainstream fundamentalist (everything is relative) believe fervently that Christians are routinely preyed upon by the secular majority. (they believe they are the overwhelming majority yet they are persecuted)  The idea that the government will eventually start rounding them up and killing them is a basic tenet of their faith.

If I worked in the “liberal” media I would be concerned. Sister Sarah has told her followers that the “enemy” is out to get them. She has been encouraging them to be armed and prepared to fight for their lives. Now she is telling them the day of reckoning is at hand. The only thing she hasn’t done is post a new target map.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Red Phone rings but the line is dead

January 11, 2011, Defense secretary Robert Gates met Hu Jintao in Beijing for talks on increased transparency about China’s military modernization drive. Earlier that same day China’s new fifth generation stealth fighter plane the J-20 took it’s first test flight. This was apparently unbeknownst to China’s civilian leaders who appeared genuinely surprised when Gates asked them about it.

The US was aware that China was secretly developing a new fighter but thought it was a decade away until photos of it doing high speed taxi texts surfaced in mid December. The usual skeptics claimed it was just a mock up and couldn’t fly or at best a flight test (based on US standards) was still two years away, reality proved different.

The J-20 is similar to the US F-22 in its stealth characteristics but is much bigger, doubtless faster and with much more range and payload capacity. Now the skeptics are saying the Chinese won’t have suitable engines for many years. That’s probably not a good bet, especially considering that the Russians have engines that would work and could use some part of China’s mountain of money.

Flash forward to the not to distant future… After China moved to seize the “rebel province” of Taiwan and they chose to resist, the right wing President of the US sent in the fleet despite the resignation of the Navy Admiral on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The President believes the godless Commie Chinese will back down with a show of force.

The USS Gerald Ford, the first of a new generation of aircraft carriers lies off the Taiwan Straight burning out of control and near sinking. The death toll is unknown but could run over 4000 including lost escort ships. Shore launched Dong Feng 21D ballistic missiles destroyed the task force in a matter of seconds unopposed. Two hundred miles away the USS Ronald Reagan turned to run but took a direct hit to the aft bomb locker and disappeared in a flash of light.

At the same time the Air Force Major in the lead tanker of a group is about to rendezvous with a task force of one hundred planes headed toward Taiwan. He monitors a transmission coming from the AWACS plane supervising the area but it goes dead suddenly. He reflexively glances over at his fighter escorts just in time to see the closest one explode and fall away. Just then there is a violent lurch as Major’s port engine explodes taking much of that wing off the tanker but he isn’t aware of it as chunks of wing have cut through the cockpit.

The lead fighters of the task force jettison their bombs and go to full throttle in attempt to run down the long range Chinese fighters speeding away. The US planes will run out of fuel in two minutes at that setting but it doesn’t matter. They don’t have enough range to reach land and the tankers are gone.

The remaining pilots have no choice but to eject when the fuel runs out and hope for pickup but their satellite uplinks have gone dead and even the GPS has failed. It’s the GPS satellites that relay distress beacons as well as provide guidance for the advanced US weapons systems but they orbit at low altitude and China has taken them out.

Back in the US the President is hopping mad, the lights have gone out and his interview for Fox News is delayed. But the lights have gone out everywhere, the Red Phone rings, an aid picks it up and the line goes dead. The call was to tell the President that the world has changed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Listening to your amygdales and the other voices in your head

The right wing noise machine is in full gear to not only deny their crazy talking points motivated a paranoid nut job to shoot twenty people that he believed to be part of the liberal conspiracy but to blame it on liberals. That would be the liberal conspiracy that same right wing noise machine calls liberal/fascist commie abortion loving foreign born (insert racial slur here) enemies of god and all real Americans also known as the Democrat Party.

Even if the shooter was apolitical (but he was a registered Republican) he was attracted to and espoused all the same paranoid delusions that attracts the tea baggers to Rush, Beck and Palin. Really he’s only slightly or even not at all more crazy than millions of others on the far right.

Now Sarah Palin is the victim because the “lame stream media” keeps running clips of her talking and maps with rifle scope icons from her face book page where she paints herself as the purveyor of the very things this nut believed.

Rush and Beck are trumpeting that liberals are using this for political purposes. It’s not political speech that someone from right shot 20 people from the left, it’s a fact. And it’s not the first time. The list of attacks would fill this page and still they say it’s the liberals fault even though nobody on the right has ever been attacked let alone killed.

Rush said today “this is all about criminalizing any speech that disagrees with the Democrats”. More paranoid delusions to fire up the crazies. Fortunately the conservative brain has an enlarged amygdales(a mig dal a) that determines fear and have a smaller anterior cingulate(sing gu let), which is associated with courage, so the attacks are sporadic.

Republicans in Congress are shaken none the less, it’s not just them trying to appear civil. The far right hates them just as much as they hate Democrats, evidence the tea bagger victories in the primaries. They know the next attack could be against one of them, their amygdales tells them so.