Sunday, December 25, 2011

On the way to Oz, Iowa is not Kansas anymore

On Fox News Sunday, they trotted out Mike Huckabee as an expert on the Iowa Caucus, since he won four years ago, on the Republican side that is. Somebody else came from nowhere and won the big prize. Huckabee proceeded to detail the pitfalls of the caucus system where voters show up at a precinct location and proclaim their choice in front of their neighbors without the anonymity of the secret ballot, then must pick a second choice if their guy doesn't get enough votes to claim at least one delegate. A small problem with this razor sharp analysis is that he is completely wrong. The Republicans use a secret ballot and don't meet in precinct groups to caucus. Unlike the Democrats, Republicans vote at a central voting location on pre-printed ballots.

Further more, the Iowa Republicans' votes don't really count for anything. The actual delegates for the Republican national convention are elected at the Iowa state convention. The upcoming vote is just for show as it doesn't pick delegates at any level. This will become a factor if the candidate isn't selected until the convention. I suspect this isn't that unusual with the Republican primaries. Democracy is something only those socialist Democrats do.  

The following is a critique of Ron Paul and his Libertarian mindset. "I've got mine, you can eat sand"