Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frat boy

Mitt Romney showed Rick Perry whose class is in charge. When Perry threw out a "fact" from Romney's book that was somewhat mangled (Perry likely doesn't read his 3\5 cards, let alone books), Romney responded like a frat boy putting down the rube. Mitt offering to bet $10,000 to shut up the hick wasn't just a rhetorical flourish as corporate media is willing to call it, but a Freudian slip. That's the amount of money it take's to get Mitt's attention. In a recent campaign stop a small boy wanted to trade dollar bills with Mitt in order to get a personal souvenir, but Mitt didn't have anything smaller than a hundred. That's tip money for Mitt, he probably can't remember what a dollar bill looks like.

A guy like Mitt has servants to do the shopping and never sees the check when he goes out. Contrast this to the real America where the median worker's pay is barely 25,000 per YEAR. Two thirds of Americans don't have a $1000 cash to cover an emergency. Mitt's footman probably puts more than that in his $3000 suit when he lays it out.

It looks increasingly likely we won't have Mitt as a candidate, but instead a corrupt politician that had to disclose having a $500,000 tab at Tiffany's.  Newt left the House in disgrace after paying $300,000 fine to avoid criminal charges. He was able to bounce back though, taking $2 million from Freddie Mac and something on the order $8 million from health insurance companies as an historian. Nancy Pelosi is rumored to have all the dirt on Newt that we haven't heard yet. Maybe Ron Paul will be the last man standing.


John said...

Willard bet was a denial that "he said in his book that the health insurance mandate he signed into law as the governor of Massachusetts should be the model for the country."

Perry, predictably, slithered away.

Huntsman, however, provided "video ... clips of Romney saying his health insurance mandate was a good model for the entire nation. In one clip, Romney states, 'I like mandates.' ”

John Puma