Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cue the Twilight Zone music

Presented for your approval… a Rick Perry campaign ad in Iowa; video bookends of Jimmy Carter and President Obama calling for the end to our dependency on foreign oil. Perry complains there has been no change over this entire period as if no Republicans ran things in the interim. As an “outsider” he will make American energy independent again. Another man like George Bush but lacking his intellect or humility... Rod Sterling could never create such terror, (I think I may have peed myself, oh wait, it‘s just beer)

Never mind that the thinking that dominated the period between Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama was entirely Republican. Ronald Reagan took office after Carter and immediately tore down, not the Berlin Wall, but the solar collectors on the White House. More importantly he ended the tax credits and Federal programs to make solar power 20% of our energy by the year 2000. This bankrupted almost all of the mushrooming solar energy business.

If Carter’s policies had been followed, we would not need any Middle East oil, not one drop. No Iraq war, no 4500 dead Americans, no 100,000 to 1,000,000 dead Iraqis (depending on who you believe), no 75,000 permanently disabled Americans, no 500,000 Iraqi orphans, no 500,000 new VA patients with chronic health problems, no 5,000,000 Iraqi refugees, no 2 million Iraqi Christians that are dead, dying or hiding in fear of their lives, and on and on.

Rick Perry will fix all that (except for the Iraqis, they‘re not Christians, at least not the “right kind“), not because he’ll get us off of oil, but because he’ll free up the oil companies to drill where ever they want. No matter that the oil companies have only tapped 10% of the leases that Clinton gave them 15 years ago. The fact is that we have plenty of oil, there is no shortage and there never has been. This is why Rick Perry fights so hard to keep us dependant on oil. If we shifted away from oil, give the surplus, the price would go back to $18/barrel as it was before the Iraq war. Rick Perry’s masters prefer the $101/barrel they get now.

Thin man in a dark suit talking, “The American citizen has found their fate has been decided. Not by logic, or from events beyond their control, but from believing the lies that prey on their prejudice and that take advantage of their ignorance”. Fade to stars on a black, cold screen.

Perry alternates this bit of insanity with an ad slamming liberals for equating faith with weakness. How about blind faith combined with ignorance and stupidity?

In global warming news: California experienced record Santa Anna winds of 140 mph today. Iowa experienced straight line winds of over 140 mph last summer. That was straight line, not a tornado. Rick Perry’s Texas has now entered its worst drought on record with no end in sight. Texas now qualifies as the world’s 4th largest desert. Extremes of weather is consistent with Global Warming Theory and it's worse than predicted. Why can’t we have Jimmy Carter again?

Jimmy Carter wasn't only a Christian (never mind the Baptists excommunicated him), he was an Annapolis graduate with a degree in nuclear engineering. He served as an aide to Admiral Hyman Rickover (the father of nuclear propulsion), Carter understood energy of all types. He could do the math, unlike any Republican, he understands how his toaster works. He didn't want to build nuclear plants or drill more oil wells. He wanted to build solar plants on every roof top. There are thousands of those installations built under Carter's policies, they are still operating, generating energy and having been paid for decades ago, they operate for free. This doesn't make any money for billionaire bankers or oil executives, and that's the problem with that.


Anonymous said...

I got it, god lives in the bottom of a crack pipe. perry is a crack pot so crack pipe-crack pot, tomAto-tomatoe...... At least all the chillin will suffer together when they can't breathe and the weather blows everything including food away in a flood of water or blowing sand. Good thing we have sh$ttons of guns and ammo stored up when the poop hits the fan everybody can take pot shots at everyone else. Good times.
Thanks perry, bush, reagan and all the other greedy crazy religious BAST#$ds. At least the future generations will rue and lament our existence for screwing up the ecology of the planet. Love your blogs-just have to think before I post,:)