Monday, November 14, 2011

Mitt's 11-11-11 plan

 The stock market trailed off today with the realization starting to sink in that just putting lackeys of the bankers in charge in Greece and Italy isn’t really going to help. The new nails in that coffin are that Italy is still paying above 6% to sell bonds and now Spain is above 6% as well. The right wing continues to decry the Welfare States of Europe but the numbers don’t show that to be the problem. There are countries in northern Europe with much stronger social programs that are doing just fine as they aren’t trapped by the Euro. The Euro zone rules allowed excessive amounts of capital to flow into certain countries where the return was larger and now bond traders are looting and pillaging these countries as they must pay these debts back in a currency that doesn’t match the output on their economies but rather that of the German powerhouse.

The right, when faced with such facts falls back on racism, southern Europeans are lazy, corrupt and don’t pay their taxes, of course. The Irish too, you know what they’re like (free college education is a sin to the right). Spain is of course is full of Mexicans and Portugal is… where is Portugal? They speak Portuguese in Brazil, it must be another South American Commie country, somewhere near Venezuela.

The only Euro zone country with any real problems is Greece and its only real problem is that corporations don’t pay their taxes, otherwise they could cope. The rest of this mess is entirely a result of bankers and hedge funds. These countries do bear responsibility in that they don’t throw the pirates out like Iceland did. I mean Iceland, the entire population wouldn’t make a good sized town anywhere else and they stood up to them. That’s a hint that we don’t have to give into them either.

Mitt Romney came out Friday with his 11-11-11 plan, its not a tax plan like Cain’s but that was the date he commemorated so eloquently by announcing his intention to throw all the Military Veterans under the bus. He has seriously proposed doing away with VA Medical and replacing it with vouchers to buy private insurance. In other words only Veterans who are wealthy enough to meet the co-pay required to get insurance will get healthcare.

It will be a big money maker for Republican crony insurance companies and a knife in the back for those who paid for freedom with their bodies. Already 500,000 Iraq/Afghanistan Vets have gotten VA care out of 2.5 million who have been deployed so far. Mitt is only following the Republican Party line. The sick should pay for their own care and only then at huge profit for other Republicans.

You can forgive Mitt, or not, for his lack of understanding and empathy for the plight of Veterans, he did his service during the Vietnam War with several years of missionary work in the Provence wine region of France, also known as the French Riviera. In the 2008 primary season he basically lost Iowa by telling a Veteran who challenged his support for the Iraq war while nobody in his family has ever served, Romney said he was in fact a real patriot. His response to the Vet’s challenge was that “none of my [five] sons need to serve in the military as they were doing their patriotic duty by working on my campaign“.

Holding a French Chateau against the onslaught of communism is as close as most modern Republicans ever got to serving their country anyway. Avoiding war shouldn’t be held against them except that they are more than willing to sacrifice your children for the very profitable racket of war.


Anonymous said...

I had to read this blog entry a few times over a few days to just to soak it in. I can't believe his complete disrespect to veterans in terms of providing them health care. The vouchers idea is just another pearl necklace on the face of lady liberty. How Vets could even think of voting for chicken hawk romney is beyond me. The Idea on him "serving" in France and his boys doing their duty by working on his campaign galls me like the stink emanating from between my scrotum and inner thighs. Time to shower I guess. Maybe America needs to shower and wash these turdblossums away. I just got off of the romney-believe in America page. I think the magic mormon under pants he must wear is instigating his imaginary visions of how America needs to be and how President Obama this and that... expounded upon on his illuminating site. The Internet is an amazing site. I will look at all these crack pots sites-maybe to induce vomiting. You are very illuminating about the stock market. I am glad I didn't buy in at $2.00 just to see that and other stocks go to $1.30. I still think there are some plays to be made over the courses of a few days but long terms is out until it does the old 5000 or more point drop. I will be contributing and I post you links to FB and I tell all I can about your interesting and happy site. :)