Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Few Good Men... any war starts with one shot

The stock market fell sharply today, supposedly because of the exposure the US banks have to the evolving Euro collapse. In reality you are seeing the big US banks skim money from your 401(k). High frequency trading drives the market up and drives the market down. A fraction of a cent on every trade adds up when you do billions of trades. That may make you poor; the really big news today will make you dead.

Barrack Obama, President of the United States of America (a former Super Power) has kicked off the first cold war of the 21st century by stationing a single company of Marines in Australia. This will ultimately lead to, according to the joint press release, a 2500 man brigade that will occupy the Australian territories for “international cooperation and training purposes”.

While the Obama Adm. refused to link this force deployment to the only remaining super power, China, the 3rd world war implications didn’t escape many observers.  Much of this wasn’t spelled out clearly and among things not mentioned out loud was the stationing of strategic nuclear bombers under cover of having access to training at desert target ranges in Australia. The official version is that the planes using Australian airspace will be short range fighter-bombers, but what would be the purpose of that? F-35 or B-1B, it’s all just letters and numbers.

As the next cold war heats up you can expect to see the re-opening of USN bases in the People’s Republic of Vietnam. They have hinted at such cooperation in the past as Vietnam is the only country to have been invaded repeatedly by the People’s Republic of China. They can expect to fall shortly after the Democratic Republic of China (Taiwan) disappears in a fireball. That could happen any day now, or perhaps China will be satisfied with world economic domination for a time.

I’ve used that Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times” over and over again but nothing better applies. Richard Nixon started the ball rolling with his trip to China on behalf of Coca Cola, and that well-known Republican Bill Clinton made free trade with China a reality. Free trade means domination by the biggest, most ruthless competitor. The Neo-Con Republicans thought that meant them, but when the conquests of Iraq, Syria, Iran and so on, didn’t go their way, all of a sudden that meant that China was the dominant force on the planet.

The times are getting more interesting every day and if the Republicans have their way the next President will be unable to find China on a map, let alone be one that will have a policy that favors the peasants of the former United States of America. The impotence of the United State was brought to the forefront today as NASA announced the recruiting of the next Astronaut class. In reality, they will be the very first Amerikan Cosmonaut class as no American spacecraft exists, nor are there plans to build any. In the future, Americans will hitchhike with the Russians. The Chinese are getting close to launching their own space station.  Interesting times indeed.