Thursday, October 6, 2011

Retail sales up

Most retailers aimed at the frugal shopper experienced solid gains in September of around 5% of sales. High end retailers, where the 1% shop had a 10% increase in sales.

Initial unemployment claims were back up over 401,000 as opposed to 376,000 this week last year. There are indications that September had around 100,000 new jobs created. Not enough to keep up with the population increase by about half. That should make another 100,000 youth available for the Occupy movement that turned 18 last month. Clearly most American youth are willing to accept their situation instead of fighting back, at least so far.

Mitt Romney's campaign disclosure form indicates he made between 10 and 40 million last year. He paid 14% income tax. That doesn't take into account any corporate perks or travel billed as a campaign appearances that weren't treated as income.