Friday, October 7, 2011


The official jobs created number for September is 103,000. The right wing media jumped right in and pointed out that 45,000 of these jobs were Verizon workers having ended their strike. I'm not sure they would count as new hires in this number as this number comes from a sample of employers polled and is not a hard and fast number. The right didn't attribute the weak number in August to the strike because... well they were out of work, and now they're not, but "that" doesn't count. Hard numbers won't be available for several months. The March number was recently increased by over 200,000. The jobs situation probably isn't as bad as it seems in the press. Unless you're unemployed, then you're screwed.

The Republican contribution to the jobs number was to cut 34,000 public sector jobs or the total would have been 137,000 new jobs. Who needs cops, firefighters or those greedy teachers? And people who repair the roads, potholes cost Americans $85,000,000,000 (85b) every year. Obama's Jobs bill would put money toward that, but no vote will be held in the House.

Get used to it, or fight back.