Sunday, September 25, 2011

Talking Points

 First some rules for Right Wing Talking Points, all comments are moderated (that means they have to get by me).

You need to give me the impression that you at least read my blog before I will consider them.

Repetition doesn't pass for knowledge. "Clever" proverbs about thriftiness, stupid assumptions couched as "common sense" and your prejudices are not wisdom.

Do not appeal for compromise or pretend the left is biased. Halfway between right and wrong is not truth. 

Long winded augments won't even get read, get to the point.

Don't kid yourself that you know this crap better than I do, and that because you don't understand what I said that makes you right. If you didn't understand my point, read it again. There are books on economics and dictionaries if you still don't understand.

Before you start writing remember that I will post what you write only to rip your guts out and display them for the crowd.

Speaking of Talking Points
Mayor Bloomberg went on Meet the Press this morning and demonstrated his total lack of any clue about what is wrong with this country. Apparently his comments last week about fearing an Arab Spring style uprising in the US because of all the out of work college educated youth weren't based in understanding. Unless he's been taken to the woodshed by the other billionaires, because he's right back on the talking points.

Mayor Bloomberg on Meet the Press


macnow said...

I love it. Last week it was:

Call to arms

get active (politically), not grab your guns...

Anyways don't want to scare the little wingnuts. We know ya alls got all the gunz. ; - 0

And now this week "Rules of Engagement"; or otherwise known as "How we going to play da mthrfckn game from now on... punks!"

Bring on the real Birchers... I'm ready.


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely unbeliveable that after 30 years of reaganomics,people can't see what disaster it has been for all working folks.they're clinging to the mast of the boat as it goes down screaming "keep bailing there coming back to save us"as the last life boat sails over the horizion with all the first class pasengers. For me stanind on the curb of life,falling in to the gutter won't change the veiw much.I pity those who have a hell of a lot farther to fall. Peace

AdamSmith said...

Bloomberg: "Banks good; progressive taxation bad; government bad"

Gregory: "Uncle Sam"s pumped billions down your rat hole, while 41 of the 46 WEALTH PRODUCING Chinese companies in the Fortune 500 are S.O.E's. The Chinese growth rate is about 8%, and they have had 30+ years of trade surplus. Doesn't this put everything you stand for to a lie?
Bloomberg (assumes fetal position): "...MOMMY!..."

Anonymous said...

Reagan has been dead 8 years. He has been out of office for over 22 years. Clinton was in office 8 years, 2 with a democrat majority in congress. Obama has been in office 2+ yrs with a democrat majority more than half of his time. .. Reaganomics? Man, that Reagan, even long gone, is one powerful guy. ... 30 years from now, will I still be hearing about Reaganomics? People must like it if he survives so long. ... eat that spin doctor.

prairie2 said...

The Reagan has been gone a long time argument: this requires ignoring history or even thinking about where the policies we are living with came from. Clinton gets plenty of blame from me, he allowed himself to be corrupted, blackmailed, duped or all three by Republicans.

"People must like it if he survives so long..." We haven't stopped blaming Hitler for WWII and he didn't destroy the US.

It's in fact Reagan's disciples that keep his policies alive, like this poster of rightwing talking points.