Saturday, September 24, 2011

Strange happenings in FLA

Typically straw polls don't mean anything but the one in Florida today is interesting as they only allow votes from party activists. Candidates must court votes and can't just bus people in who want a free lunch. Surprisingly they completely rejected Perry and gave even less love to Romney. Mitt has demonstrated in Iowa, where the small population also requires campaigning to be up close and personal, that he is an idiot. The kind of idiot that thinks he's the smart guy in the room and constantly tries to prove it by speaking off the cuff.

Apparently Perry's performance in the Florida debate has sunk his ship as he had campaigned hard for the straw poll. My guess is that Perry doesn't do that well in small groups either.

Herman Cain won convincingly, probably because unlike the other candidates he has some real business experience, and can speak intelligently up to a point. However, like most businessmen he has no idea how an economy works, or anything about public policy. His "solutions" for the country are as far right and stupid as Bachman's, but he doesn't come across as insane (if you don't look too close).

These results should be cause for a party at the White House tonight, or at least a cold beer.


Anonymous said...

Insane solutions? .. well, re-elect Obama and get more of the same. A going nowhere economy. That sounds rather insane to me.