Friday, August 5, 2011

Even the sheep can't believe it

After hours, Standard & Poors, the debt rating agency, who had no problem rating a variety of sub-prime debt as AAA during the reign of the Bush Crime Family, debt that was in fact and to their knowledge absolutely worthless, has downgraded the sovereign debt of the United States of America by one step to AA+. This puts the US on a par with some Caribbean countries and eastern European principalities that raise sheep.


Anonymous said...

This is no suprise. S&P is part of the gangster capitalists who want to bring their banana republic tactics to the United States. Can you say Six Flags Yosemite Park?

Anonymous said...

China complains about out fiscal mess. The debt laden society living beyond its means. The one with the credit card in the wallet so it must have money.Yet, they have massive amount of our treasuries. They are the enablers. Talk, talk, talk. Cut the USA off then. Get rid of those bonds. Start liquidating. You have a profit. I am sure the fools at the Fed would gladly buy from you with QE3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Just make sure the USA printing press is well lubed so it doesn't burnout in the process. No worry, it was probably made in China.