Saturday, July 9, 2011

today's talking points

The right wing trolls keep coming through and posting their talking points as comments. Telling them not to doesn't seem to help and if I let one go through so as to knock it down I'm rewarded with the same talking point over and over again. Someone did a study recently claiming to show that the more facts you throw at these people the more they believe their nonsense. Their conclusion is that the "true believer" will work harder to justify their irrational belief and reinforce it with more nonsense and simply ignore the facts. I don't know if this research is legitimate but it sounds compelling. I wish I knew if there is an answer to willful ignorance.

Okay here are the popular talking points at the moment.

Nanny State and/or Welfare State: sometimes used interchangeably depending on the level of sophistication of the dumb-ass using them. Nanny State generally refers to gubment regulations, like not pumping your septic tank into the crik or drag racin' in frunt of the skool. Seriously, the people who think we have a "nanny state" are an argument for a more comprehensive mental health care system. Closing the mental institutions was a Reagan priority but rather than increasing his base I suspect he really wanted to get everyone used to seeing homeless people on the street and to fear and loath them. Today the working poor who are homeless out number the CMIs by many fold. 

Welfare State: The typical right winger thinks the bulk of the Federal budget goes for welfare to non whites and to foreign aid. Total Federal expenditures for anything like welfare (the bulk going to whites) and and for education (again going to whites) comes to about 200 billion/year. This is about how much interest we pay on the debt Ronald Reagan alone ran up while President, each and every year. Total foreign aid amounts to about 12 billion almost entirely ending up in the pockets of US Defense contractors.

If anybody has a talking point they would like explained please leave a comment. You rightwingers, don't bother and by the way the tomatoes a grow'n in your yard aren't a miracle, you just need to pump your septic tank ag'in. At least warn your down stream neighbors this time, 'course they might call the nanny state and have you busted.


Unknown said...

Your absolutely right the more facts you post the more crap you get from the righties. Face to face, or on a blog I found the same results, you can't move them an inch . If I hear in response one more time "Rush said it" so it must be true, I may do myself bodily harm.. Thanks for your work.. Malloy and you keep me going..

Anonymous said...

It is the "Great Society" welfare/nanny state mentality that creates the problems. Both here and abroad. From getting more people on food stamps than anytime in history thus dependent on the govt. like a drug addict to being the policeman of the world in every scuffle. .. $14 trillion in debt is the result. .. When the debt bomb finally blows up, expect the real madness to begin when all those dependent on the govt. will get sharply reduced entitlements or none at all.

prairie2 said...

Do they even read the piece before they post the talking points? Maybe he's a paid troll, that would explain it. I guess I'm glad to stimulate the economy by getting the billionaires to "create" some jobs for trolls.

EisenhowerDemocrat said...

It's getting too heavy. Here's some Tea Party fun via The Columbus Dispatch:

Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim.

We haven't seen humor like this since The Warsaw Ghetto!

Anonymous said...

You mean there are no lefty talking points? LOL.

prairie2 said...

Again, they don't even read the posts or don't understand the difference between facts and talking points. If you befuddle enough lefties by countering facts and logic with your razor wit will your right wing fantasies become true? Have you noticed the millionaires are now billionaires but nothing has trickled down to you?