Saturday, July 16, 2011

make a nice cream color to better hide the yellow streak

From today's news  "NEW YORK (AP) -- The independent committee charged with monitoring editorial integrity at The Wall Street Journal said Saturday it has found no evidence of wrongdoing at the Journal or Dow Jones & Co., which are owned by News Corp."

This epistle was issued immediately upon the resignation of Les Hinton who was one of Rupert Murdoch's chief hatchet men. Their conclusion was that "they did not believe Les Hinton's resignation as publisher of the Journal and chief executive of Dow Jones & Co. was related to activities at the Journal or Dow Jones". 

It took them a whole ten seconds to look into this matter and rule on it but to be fair he's been there since the oversight committee was put in place as a condition of purchase when Rupert Murdoch  took over the WSJ in 2007 and they don't have anything legitimate to compare to. 

A farmers recipe for White Wash from 1888 -
"Take a clean, water-tight barrel, or other suitable cask, and put into it
a half-bushel of lime. Slake it by pouring water over it boiling hot, and
in sufficient quantity to cover it five inches deep, and stir it briskly
till thoroughly slaked. When the slaking has been thoroughly effected,
dissolve it in water and add two pounds of sulphate of zinc and one of
common salt; these will cause the wash to harden and prevent its cracking,
which gives an unseemly appearance to the work."

Add three pounds of red ochre to make a nice cream color to better hide the yellow streak.


Anonymous said...

UMMmmmmmmmmm and we're suprised by this?keep on rockin in the free world.............

prairie2 said...

the only surprise that I feel is that it seems to be unraveling.

John said...

My understanding is that Hinton performed a similar whitewash when the first examples of hacking came to light in the UK.

His reward was the Dow Jones CEO post.

John Puma