Saturday, June 18, 2011

The world is ending! (they did what?) Never mind.

Germany has agreed to compromise on the treatment of the holders of Greek bonds by not forcing them to take low interest long term bonds instead of the get rich quick ones they have now. This wasn't really a good thing but  it ends the crisis in the corporate media which is the only place it actually exists.

To be clear there is no real crisis, we are not broke. We just have an ongoing criminal conspiracy robbing us blind and they are destroying our economy. That's not to say things couldn't get really bad for the bottom 98%, but we can still fix this.


Anonymous said...

It was a crisis in the corporate media because their golfing buddies-the banksters-wrote the credit default swaps on the Greek debt to the tune of $40 billion.

Anonymous said...

Just what German citizens will tolerate. Bailout some lazy entitled to the hilt Greeks. That will go over well. ... Just sell Crete (i.e., Louisiana Purchase style ) to a group of investors and be done with it. ..