Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wear your school tie to the meltdown

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany dropped in on President Obama today, they had dinner in the Rose Garden and he gave her the Medal of Freedom for her life‘s work. If they talked about their respective views on economics or science they didn’t mention it publicly. Merkel grew up a Communist in East Germany and her school tie was Red. She has a PhD in Physics and speaks fluent Russian. Merkel now leads a united Germany from the center right. Obama who was raised by New Deal liberals from Kansas went to Ivy League schools with a lot of rich kids who now run Wall Street. He became a Constitutional lawyer and governs from the center right despite being an anti-colonial Mau-Mau Muslim commie liberal.

Merkel’s response to the world economic meltdown caused by Obama’s school chums down on Wall Street was a full blown New Deal style / Keynesian Economics take over of Germany’s economy by their government. Germany operates on economic principles put in place by Truman and his Marshal Plan and doesn‘t believe in letting the markets decide the fate of Germany.  Obama’s response to the economic meltdown was a half hearted stimulus package largely dependent on tax cuts based on the VooDoo economics of Ronald Reagan without Reagan‘s massive government spending or his tax increases.

Merkel’s response to the multiple reactor meltdowns at Fukushima was to order the immediate shutdown of all of Germany’s GE Mark One reactors. The US has many more of this type reactor and President Obama ordered inspections of safety equipment at the plants.

After review of the GE Mark One design Chancellor Merkel ordered all of them to be decommissioned. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported that much of the safety equipment at the US reactors either didn’t exist, had been diverted to other uses, didn’t work or failed during testing. Obama issued no official statement and took no action.

Last week Angela Merkel (remember she is Physicist) announced the complete end of nuclear power in Germany in ten years sighting the complete “helplessness“ of an advanced country like Japan in the ongoing crisis. The NRC in the US is moving swiftly to pressure local municipal and volunteer fire departments to sign formal agreements that they “will respond” to emergencies at US Nuclear Plants. President Obama is continuing the practice of his predecessors and has no policy on energy or economics. His school chums can take care of it, they have the right tie.  www.prairie2.com


John said...

The NRC gives a classic, if depressing, caricature of the new century's "non-regulatory, regulatory agency" that the radical-reich still soils its collective pants about twice a day.

John Puma