Sunday, June 5, 2011

Right wing talking points

A sort of old guy like me will tell you that the Republicans are still using the same talking points now that they used to put down the reforms of the 60s. There aren't too many people left from the New Deal but they will tell you they were using the same ones then. Really it's a deviant mindset.

"The poor will pull themselves up by their bootstraps if the government stops feeding them"

"Let them eat cake"

"Stop giving the poor loaves and fishes and they will pull themselves up by their sandal straps"

"We in Sodom do not feed travelers, let's go over to Lot's house and give them what for"

"It's Ogg's mastodon. Ogg no share" -  "but Ogg, village feed you in winter and mastodon starting to smell" -  "Ogg no care, mine, mine, hit you with club"


Anonymous said...

Though the talking points don't change, selfishness as a virtue was only recently established during the Reagan Revolution. In addition, once upon a time paying taxes was considered "patriotic." Now you are almost deemed a sucker if don't find a way to cheat Uncle Sam. The rich and their minions in Congress are slowly making it where someday in the near future, only the poor and middle class will be taxed.

Kind of like France during Louis XVI's reign, except the Third Estate knew they were being screwed. The Tea Bagger crowd is so woefully and willfully stupid; they actually believe they too will be rich someday. They also falsely buy into the notion that tax cuts for the rich and corporations create jobs. Once upon a time, getting good grades in school and being a NASA scientist was something to be admired. However, chalk up ignorance as one more concept republicans have made en vogue.

macnow said...


But then again there are a lot of people that show up to those rallies... that know they will never be rich... but love the idea of supporting stuff that will make people hurt (like them) AND make the minorities hurt worse then them (all tokens they promote aside). Then you have the Religious nut-bags who just want to get "the army-ga-don" on...

Lotta people here in this country of ours are invested in bankrupt philosophies that are not getting them the return the expected. So now they are hell bent on seeing the sh$t to the bitter end.

Sacrificing their kids and grandkids is just "one for the lord, and less for the devil" in a lot of their minds.