Monday, June 6, 2011

Resting in an un-marked grave

If you make your living with a hammer, (okay with a nail gun) you have a fifty/fifty chance of being unemployed. If you still have a job you probably aren’t working a significant fraction of the hours that you would expect to work this time of year. A lot of mom and pop contractors haven’t paid themselves a salary in three years and most of their workers are long gone.

Housing starts are at the lowest number since WWII when they weren’t building houses except around defense plants. Enough men from WWII to fill three battalions die everyday. Soon they will all be gone and the country that they thought they saved will probably be gone as well. The Greatest Generation who came of age working in CCC camps went straight to war to fight, many died but most came home to a better country then they left.

They in turn spawned the baby boomers who took the New Deal for granted but after a brief flirtation as flower children began to fancy themselves as capitalists. This was because they got a free college education for a good start in life and in their mid thirties acquired a 401(k). While once hippies they became "investors" and it was good, Ronald Reagan told them so.

Gen X’ers in turn grew up on Reagan and the mantra that “Greed is Good” imagining that The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was just one shrewd deal away.  Now it’s all come crashing down around them. Oh sure the few at the top are still doing great even as their ranks decline every day even faster than the Greatest Generation.

When we talk about 12 million unemployed and an equal number who don’t make enough to live on we think of some factory line worker who lost an 18 dollar/hour job. In the last ten years we’ve had 50,000 factories close, that’s 50,000 plant managers, untold executives, engineers, accountants, programmers, HR staff, and on and on. Good upper middle class jobs that used to made this country’s economy really hum.

Then there are the bankers, scourge of the earth they may be but a lot of them can’t make their house payments any more. The average new lawyer works at the big box store because all the new corporate lawyers are in India. Remember how the internet was going to make it possible for most white collar employees to work at home. Well they’re at home, when they’re not down at the coffee shop to get free WiFi because they can’t afford a connection for themselves.

The Greatest Generation landed at Normandy on this day in 1944 and they destroyed Fascism in Europe. Unfortunately the people in the US who thought we entered the War on the wrong side didn’t go away. They just bided their time and acquired ever more wealth and power as the lessons of history were forgotten. Now Sarah Palin writes history as she goes along and while she’s an obvious cartoon she is not the only one who does this.

Most people believe that the rich create jobs, that their freedoms come from god, that liberals want to destroy America and they too can be rich someday if government would just get out of the way. History is often represented by rows of white marble markers decorated with tiny flags made in China. History’s real grave will be unmarked.


John said...

"Unfortunately the people in the US who thought we entered the War on the wrong side didn’t go away."

Let me put a point on it:
It now seems clear that we entered WWII NOT to defeat a fascist threat, per se, but to defeat another fascism's threat to our own fascism's markets.

John Puma

Fake_William_Shatner said...

No, I think Prairie2 was making the CORRECT distinction -- I think he's thinking of the legacy of Ford and Prescott Bush -- they LIKED Hitler, and wanted America to be fascist.

It was only through an accident of history and a few good men in the right place, that we went against Germany in WW II. -- My own theory was that it was due to General Smedley Butler informing FDR that they Wall Street wanted to take him out in a military coup. The Wall Street gang, thought they had an Ollie North, but instead, they got a Smedley Butler, who was DONE with war when he understood it was for economics and not for defense.

The slide to Fascism could be overturned -- but that is why they are tiptoeing around still. Obama, seems to be playing a delicate balancing game -- and I STILL do not know who's side he is on. I figure, if he made the Capitalists think that he was a Progressive in Wolf's clothing hiding in Sheep's clothing, they'd bite his head off.

>> The 3rd attempt to make the US fascist, I believe, was after the Bay of Pigs failed to let the mobsters back into Cuba. The Bush/Nixon group, might have been using Cuban mobsters to "pretend" that it was a Castro backlash -- and this forced complicity from those not involved in the government, as they covered up the mess, because we didn't want a war with Cuba/USSR -- which was probably the intended result (to heat up the cold war and blame Commies).

>> The 2nd Attempt -- was probably Operation Northwoods. And when JFK put the kibosh on that, it probably put the plan 3 into motion.

>> Of course, if you are "one of those theorists" like me, you would put 9/11 as the 4th (and successful) attempt. No more need for an invasion -- just ratchet up security threats anywhere someone wants to bother with the Constitution.

>> The Achilles Heal, however, is the economic system that Fascists need. They have too many OTHER greedy Fascists that are ready to manipulate and profit and crash then entire banking system. However, the 2008 fiasco, probably put everyone in hock to "fantasy paper" and as long as all the Banksters go along and don't squeal, everyone gets to pretend they aren't broke.

So, you are either Honest and broke -- or Richer than God and in league with Satan... I think that's how our banking system works right now.

>> That's why the article about "BitCoin" being used for Drug Money Laundering, is very interesting to me ... because of course, they have to ignore the money laundering by major banks like Wachovia.

I think some kind of "new electronic" Bartering system is the real threat -- not bloggers like you and I figuring things out occasionally. And future G8 summits are going to worry about putting a plug in the internet, as people can find ways to do business and feed themselves without using the "fantasy monopoly money" of the international Banksters.

Because isn't that why we NEED Democracy so badly in Libya? They wanted to move of off the dollar as the reserve currency just like Saddam

Athanasor said...

Your final sentence might be the best I''ve read in a long time. Would be a great subtitle for a book, now we've got to come up with the title.

Anonymous said...

Certainly the Business Plot alarmed FDR to the presence of a fascist establishment in the US. However, I think had Hitler listened to his generals, history would have been dramatically different. For example, during the battle of Britain had Hitler continued to bomb industrial sites instead of directing it towards civilians, the UK would have fallen to Germany. With a fascist puppet government in England, the Dominions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand would have probably gone the same route. That would have complicated things for FDR. Furthermore, after securing Western Europe under its control, only then could Nazi Germany been able to completely concentrate on the Soviet Union. However, once again Hitler could not be allowed to deviate from his generals’ advice if he wanted to take down the USSR. Go get the oil fields in the Caspian first; then go after Stalingrad, Moscow, etc.

Without the UK and the Soviet Union, the United States would have had no place to establish a foothold in Europe. Furthermore, had Great Britain fallen by the end of 1940 or early 1941, FDR would have probably not provoked Japan with an embargo, so trying to get into WWII through the backdoor would have probably not occurred because Pearl Harbor would have most likely not happened. Though FDR would have already been re-elected, the fascists in the United States you have been discussing would have most likely pushed him to broker a deal with Hitler. After all, many had “helped” rebuild Germany’s industrial base, so they would have wanted “peace in their time” so their business interests were sound. Moreover, with the Brits, Frogs, Russkies, Canucks, and Aussies under fascist control, as well as China dealing with not only Japan but a civil war, the US would have been all by itself. Eventually, I assume FDR would have been ousted by the fascist jackals here in America and democracy would have been bye-bye.

Hence, though Old Gimlet Eye was able to alert FDR of the Nazi-loving pigs here in the US, ironically I think it was Hitler’s megalomania that actually prevented Germany from world domination and fascism in the US.

Anonymous said...

Think outside the box.

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