Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest ruling from SCOTUS Inc.

The Supreme Court of the trans-national corporations issued another ruling today effectively banning class action lawsuits. They won't come out and say that but keep issuing 5-4 rulings to that effect. Supreme Court watchers have had a problem rating the Court liberal or conservative since the cases seem to go either way at random, but all you need to do is look to how a case affects big corporations and there is the answer. The Court or rather the majority of the Court are neither liberal or conservative on those cases but simply corporate. Some really bad rulings don't even involve the Court directly but simply hinge on the Court refusing to hear cases on decisions made by Bush appointed Appeals Courts. You only need 4 Justices to accept a case so apparently the Court really isn't divided 5-4 when it comes to corporations trampling on Americans.


Anonymous said...

Certain members of this court (maybe all of them) have been bought and paid for. In a different time, media scrutiny of Clarence Thomas and his wife's dealings would have defined it for what it is-scandalous. Antonin Scalia's "golf outing" with former VP Dick with the assistance of legitimate media coverage resulting in public outrage might have resulted in a Congressional and/or criminal investigation. However, today's corporate media benefits from the high court’s rulings-so they would never rock the boat and bite the hand that feeds them. As you have pointed out, coverage of today’s decision is consistent with this. Then again, the media has more important things to be concerned about-Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, Charlie Sheen, etc.