Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dying for Reaganomics

Police and firefighters in Alameda California stood by and watched an elderly man commit suicide in neck deep water. It took an hour. When questioned by reporters the Fire Chief responded that when on duty it would make no difference to him if it were a child in the water. They are constrained by city policy. In other words, in these times not one of them will risk his job to save a life against policy. It’s come to this, following orders is survival and the orders are getting more heartless as we sink into the depths of the fascism.

The City of Alameda has no water rescue equipment or trained personal despite being located on an island. The Coast Guard responded but could not operate their boat in such shallow water. The body was recovered by a passerby who got past the police on the beach.

On Wall Street the further decline of the economy caused the Dow to drop 280 points. It wasn’t blamed on the game of chicken the Republicans in Congress are playing with the debt limit. Senior Republicans continue to reassure their masters on lower Manhattan that they are just kidding about ending the United States by defaulting on the debt. In a bit over ninety days Republicans will be forced to accept the reality they’ve created or Grandma’s social security check will bounce.

The 14th Amendment requires the United States to make good on its debts and requires that no public official shall even suggest otherwise. But the Second on Tenth Amendments are the only ones that Republicans think were ever ratified, the rest don’t count.

As far as the debt goes the thing you must remember is that an economy is a closed system. The Government has no problem borrowing this much money because the money is out there. The rich aren’t taxed enough and they can‘t spend it all. They don’t know what to do with their money, just putting it into the markets would create massive inflation and that doesn‘t really work for them.

They do live like feudal lords and they do buy up middle class wealth but that doesn’t get rid of enough of cash, so they must buy Treasuries. Lots and lots of them. Of course this isn’t a workable system in the long term, but they have their own private beaches with their own private lifeguards behind fences and gates with private guards so what’s the problem?


ickenittle said...

Ah..the calousness- letting a man drown by following orders.

The same calousness that leaves a mentally ill man unable to afford his PTSD medication.

The calousness of the police who treat his partner as a murder suspect after he shoots himself in the head.

The cruelty from all involved as they scatter like leaves- leaving her to wipe up the bloody fragments..alone.

Budget cuts do kill- I know I have witnessed it.

My partner was a casualty. This is war.

Anonymous said...

Reagan has been out of office 23 years. He has been dead for 7. Clinton was in office for 8 years, Obama 2+ so far. Democrats have been in control of congress for much of the 23 years. Darn, that Reagan was one powerful dude. .. still blaming Reagan is getting rather old. A few years ago, I got a promotion, I took the job from a real screw up. .. I bitched about the mess I inherited the first day. My boss, said "quit complaining or I will get someone else to fix the mess." I shut up and in 6 months the dept. was humming. Quit blaming past presidents and congressman. Live in the now.

Anonymous said...

Those 8 years by Clinton was based on a policy to tax the rich, and it succeeded by the end of his 8 years when he handed Bush Crime Family a surplus........and Obama was handed an economy decimated from 8 years of conservatives running the show in Congress and at presidenct, which was dominated with the exact opposite philisophy on running the economy by giving unprecedented tax breaks and deregulation to the your point June 4th Anonymous???

All you're is just your typical conservative apologist finding ways to try and deflect or distract from their shame of watching the conservative Reagan policies, adopted religously by Bushx3 terms, decimate the US economy over and over and over.