Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekends beside the Lake of Fire

I trust all the people who follow this blog were left behind. You notice they always feel the need to threaten horrible consequences for those who don't rise up to heaven with them. They could just leave but then this would be heaven.

It's fascinating how they always prey on people's fear of being left alone when in reality the people who qualify as believers in their eyes are so few that they could disappear and nobody would notice. Airplanes wouldn't be falling from the skies and there wouldn't be crashed cars everywhere, just peace on earth.

The framers of the Constitution had a serious debate on whether or not to include freedom of religion in the First Amendment or to regulate it like in England. The English Civil War was long over but the lessons weren't lost on the people with any education. The augment that held sway was that the crazies mostly lived in little colonies and the rest of the country was in the grips of the Liberal Enlightenment and religion would fade away as it had with the framers.

They didn't anticipate that concentrated wealth would find it useful to gin up religion to further their own goals, much as a certain Roman Emperor found it useful to embrace the Paulist branch of Christianity and it was on to the Dark Ages. At the turn of the last Millennium the faithful were so sure it was the end times that they didn't plant any crops. The people who threw away their life savings to spread the word of the Rapture that didn't happen today won't starve as we heathens will be obliged to feed them. We should tax the churches to pay for mental healthcare but we won't. Maybe after the next civil war.


SanMigMike said...

Looking forward to the reasons for this one not happening... Basic and simple mistake in math or admitting that he is simply just crazy...?

Anonymous said...

So now it's heathen socialists? That's so wimpy.

It just doesn't have that zing: "godless communists."

When will they ever fault St. Ronnie for throwing away such a perfectly good bogey man by single-handedly "defeating" them oh-so-terrifying pagan hordes?

John Puma

Anonymous said...

I thought the Bible stated to beware of false prophets because NOBODY will know when Jesus will return to Earth? Don't these people read their own book?

fype said...

" the churches..." OUCH! Now, that is TRUE separation!

ickenittle said...

God I wish they had all gone. The world would be a much better place.