Monday, May 2, 2011

The voices in his head were preempted

Oil, gold and silver all dropped sharply in early Monday trading on the news of Obama’s victory but rose again on a sharp decline in the USD but that was reversed again in overnight trading in Asia. Yeah, things are unstable. Traders are unsure what to make of Obama. His success in taking down al Qaeda’s leader under the nose of the Pakistani military. They must have know he was hiding in their own gated retirement community and this kind of bold action indicates Obama is definitely not playing by the old rules.

Much of the strategy of world domination by the trans-national corporations had been built on the assumption that the war was never ending. The previous administration had made no attempt to eliminate their major “boogieman” but instead simply used Osama Bin Laden to further corporate interests. To keep up appearances they would occasionally kill that number three guy.  Obama has now done something completely unexpected, he kept his word.

This has to make certain interests wonder what other promised but unexpected things Obama might do in the future. The President now has the kind of political capital and international prestige that only the voices in George Bush’s head thought that he had. Donald Trump hears those same voices but his show was preempted for the real President.

Not that this means that we are out of the woods, we are so deep in the dark forest that the moss grows on all sides of the trees. But we now have a President willing to take risks and make them pay off. Helicopter raids are notoriously bad for a President if they go wrong (Carter + Iran hostages = Reagan). The safe bet would have been B-2 bombers but Obama put his political future second to the big payoff to the country. A confirmed kill, no civilian casualties and no Americans lost make all the right kind of headlines.

The question is how will Obama use all of this new capital? The markets seem to think he will use it for something.


Dave said...

President Obama is definitely playing chess. It's not entirely clear what he's up to but at least he's shaking up the status quo.

Those of us on the left need to remember we're playing that same game of strategy. Sure we can think of the 2012 election but we really need to be planning for the 2016 and 2024 ones.

It took a long time for this mess to come to fruition. It won't get fixed overnight. It will be more like decades.

Anonymous said...

When it came time to step up and fight for the American people, Obama has crumbled like a stale cookie. However, I will give him a lot of credit for his decision to send in the Seals versus the "safe" move of bombing the compound. Considering the political disaster that would have occurred had this mission failed, this move showed balls the size of church bells. Neither his predecessor nor the corporate shills planning on running on the Republican ticket in 2012 would have had the guts. Then again, like you pointed out, perpetual war is part of their modus operandi.