Monday, May 16, 2011


Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a man so important that in most of the world he’s known simply as DSK. Not exactly a household name in the US but we haven’t been reduced to begging for a handout like the other third world countries where he could rape one of the servants and nobody would notice. He jumped the gun a little, we don‘t know our place here. Any jet setting right-winger could have told to just hop down to the Dominican Republic if he needed a little taste of the good life.

Conspiracy theories abound that somebody took him out to send a message or to grab power for themselves. Indeed there are a number of people who could potentially gain from him spending the next 5-15 years as in a dank cell. Most of these people normally just arrange a plane crash or send in somebody to shoot you in the head instead of such a convoluted plot to frame a guy for a felony but maybe they just wanted to have a little fun with him. 

Or maybe DSK is just socio-path, okay there isn’t any maybe about it, people like him are all socio-paths. Raping, looting and pillaging is what gets them hot and they do it everyday to whole countries. He just couldn’t resist doing it in person. It seems ex-Senator John Ensign (R-NV) was of the same persuasion as it turns out his widely reported “affair” with a staffer was really rape by extortion and he’s likely to do prison time for the cover up. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has snubbed the Tea Party by giving Ensign’s plum committee appointments to anybody but Tea Party favorites even strong arming a reluctant Senator to take an extra committee post. He also bypassed Rand Paul to give a Finance Committee seat to someone with even less seniority. 

We hit the debt ceiling today and now we are now operating the United States of America by robbing Peter to pay Paul. The Treasury is using a number of tricks normally reserved for Republicans to cook the books. They’ve stopped paying into pension plans and are emptying the trust funds. They also have a cool hundred billion on deposit over the Federal Reserve, you know, an account they didn’t tell the husband about. (Lucy, you’ve got some splan’n to do!)

One thing about this that is a concern is that they aren’t really going to stop borrowing because Treasuries are constantly coming due and payable so new ones will be sold to reissue the debt. This could trigger a sudden rise in interest rates and spiral out of control rather quickly. If the US had to start paying 17% like during the Reagan years it would be a problem, on 14 trillion that’s 2.38 trillion or more than the current budget. Even the normal 5% interest is 700 billion a year or more than the official Pentagon budget. They’ve been paying far less, averaging only 200 billion per year or less than 2%, some Treasury bonds are paying negative interest (the buyer is paying for the privilege of having a safe haven). 

The Republicans have a point that this is getting out of hand but of course this has been their game plan all along. The thing is that maybe the maid won’t put up with being raped this time. Maybe Obama will use his new standing as a man of action to do something “strategic” like raising taxes on the rich instead of borrowing from them. After we can’t go to the IMF for a loan, the guy that writes the checks is in jail.



Great read ..thanks

Anonymous said...

Presumably McConnell snubbed Paul in favor of someone who thinks Democracy, itself, (actual or our simulated version) is slavery.

(Isn't the current budget more like $3.8 billion?)

As to DSK jail time: I'll believe it when I see it.

John Puma

prairie2 said...

I meant total revenue but I didn't look it up so it's that's probably not correct either, it's just an illustration of interest rates and not to be taken literally.

Anonymous said...

And I meant "T"rillion!
I saw $2.16 trillion as last year's revenue.

John Puma