Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wars are always about money

Today marks the start of the Civil War with the siege of Fort Sumter that lasted a mere 30 hours reducing its obsolete fortifications to ruin. Incredibly no one on either side was killed in the battle but in the next four years fully 3% of Americans would die. In the south 30% of service age men were killed, twice the rate of WWI in Europe and that was referred to as the “lost generation.”

Today’s historians are campaigning to make the Civil War all about slavery while the majority of the population continues to believe it was about “state’s rights”, what ever they think that means. Make no mistake the war was started by the 800 or so wealthy slaveholders in the south and they bloviated greatly about the northern abolitionists but the war was simply about money. Jefferson Davis fantasized about a Confederate Empire stretching into Brazil and yes it would have involved slavery then and forever.

This notion of new greatness to come had wide appeal in the South after the bank panic of 1855 had brought the cotton trade based economy to its knees and the banks were mostly in the North. The object of the attack on Fort Sumter was to capture the Federal Customs House as was subsequently done in all the port cities. Historians discount the importance of this based on the show down over this issue a generation earlier when the south backed down but it was the first thing the South did and you have to follow the money.

The 400 families that control more wealth today than the bottom 160 million Americans see themselves in the same light. Like the Southern gentleman planters they are destined to rule by birthright.  Endless war for a global empire is even more ambitious than the dreams of Jefferson Davis but so far they have been much more successful. We still have the Union but the Freedoms won with some much blood are circling the drain of history and likely to disappear forever.  www.prairie2.com


Atlanta Roofing said...

Not about good or bad, but I think we must recognize the Civl War for what it was, a war mainly about slavery and how to end it. This doesn’t make the South bad and the North good, as both sides engaged in a heinous practice in order to be prosperous at the expense of an entire people. The fact is, slavery was the issue, and we are, as a nation, both North and South, Red and Blue, conservative and liberal, completely responsible for it. May God have mercy.

Dave said...

Let's not forget about the specifics of how this works. People who work for a living pay taxes. Those taxes go to make war-tools which are by design disposable and to pay for contractors to serve the war effort. Then more contractors are hired to rebuild from the war and yes taxes pay for that too.

Immense profits are made by the wealthy for their war products and everyone else gets to pay and pay for the privilege of paying some more.

Anonymous said...

The Civil War was MOST DEFINITELY NOT about slavery.

It was about 200 elite/extremely wealthy families that used the rest of the southern population (largely poor)to fight a war totally against their economic interests.

Slavery fell in all other nations without a war because you cannot sustain an economy where a handful of people own EVERYTHING and everyone else has virtually NOTHING.

The lies about the US civil war distract us from a basic fact:

The masses are exploited by a few, usually those that were procreated with "lucky sperm". The poor ignorant fools in the south were conned into fighting a losing battle for an unsustainable economic system that only benefited a lucky few.

The other lesson that people should clearly see is that the wounds of that war have still not healed. Chimpy's "red states" are the confederate south - still angry, ignorant, and largely acting against their own best interests.