Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're broke?

We have to screw the teachers and the snowplow drivers because State Government is broke, right? That doesn't apply to everybody of course. The people who bear the burden of governing shouldn't need to suffer, should they? The state senator in question is being recalled, even his maid has signed the petition as well as his soon to be ex-wife. Read more at the link:,_36_raise/#paragraph4


Dave said...

This example of petty corruption would be funny if it weren't a symptom of the grandiose corruption begun when we welcomed Ronald Reagan across the threshold. Those of us who aren't uber-wealthy are being robbed blind by those who can never be satisfied. That kind of lust for money and power knows no bounds.

ickenittle said...

Well..All I can say's either true or it's a lie.

Either way I'm well stocked up on canned goods and am running at a surplus.

I'm planning to hand them out to protestors to throw at these scummy governors when their day of reckoning comes.

I have a #10 can of corn with Scott Walker's name on it.