Friday, March 18, 2011

Walker's power grab driven back by the court

A State Judge in Wisconsin upheld and made permanent the WI Sec of State's decision to not publish the power grab law passed in defiance of open meeting laws by Republicans. The law would have ended public unions, allowed the no bid sale of State assets, converted all State jobs to political patronage and decriminalized a whole host of corrupt practices not seen since Tammany Hall (if you got a HS education since 1980 you'll need to look it up).

The stay ordered by the Court would not keep Governor Walker and his Republican cabal from passing the law in daylight but there is little chance of this happening with the likely defection of Republican Senators fearing recall. Walker would doubtless win in front of Bush appointed appellate judges in Federal Courts but by the time the case gets there Walker will be recalled.

If Walker appears anywhere in the State no matter how remote the location hundreds and even thousands turnout to protest. This has led to Walker publishing his official schedule in the dead of night to minimize the protests.

This is what Democracy sounds like on your car horn


Robby said...

I am a Madison Teacher, and I can tell you we are so please with this injunction! The State Attorney General, J. B. Van Hollen, who is a member of the Lunatic Right, went to Judge Sumi (the judge who passed the injunction) and tried to get her to cease and desist in this action. She ordered him to leave her courtroom!


Anonymous said...

Iraq, Afghanistan, now Libya. ... it would be nice if the USA could sit one of these out and let others do the dirty work. But, no, we have basically declared war on Libya, too.

Robert said...

Lets all hope that this little lesson in Republican Values, causes a pause to think before voting. These monsters are the front line of the "Have's" that are doing battle (and winning) against "We the Have-Not".