Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is what Democracy looks like

Notice that they are not standing ten feet apart like the Tea Baggers do when they are having one of their "huge" rallies that gets 24/7 coverage.
The view is the same in all directions.


The Pill said...

I can almost guarantee that the coverage will be minimal and there will be preplanned spin-read: talking points-on how radical and unreasonable these protesters are.

After all, they are not corporately sponsored and controlled by Koch and Co.

Anonymous said...

And if Democracy is to survive here, it better look like that, and bigger than that, and at many cities around the US, for a long time.

John Puma

Dave said...

PSSSSST. . .tell all your friends. . .main stream media, not just the news, is dog-poo. Your mother or grandmother was right. It really does rot your brain.

OK seriously! Every time I watch news or entertainment TV, I find my sense of hopelessness being courted. It's pandering and it's a lie.