Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The push for non-certified teachers

There is a renewed  push in many Red states to use non-certified school teachers. Of course this is union busting. The economics of this is that thanks to the out sourcing of manufacturing, research and engineering jobs to China and India there are many well educated 99ers that are ready to work for food. I wouldn't be surprised if they want to have English taught by H1B visa workers from India, but maybe not, even they expect to make a living.

Gym class can be replaced by "work to learn" programs down at the packing plant for the kids who can't afford the tuition at the "public" school. Nothing will be FREE under the new permanent Republican majority. Pull your self up by your bootstraps kids! That's what those hides you've been tanning will be turned into.


Anonymous said...

I would submit that education, itself, is one area more hated and feared by the radical reich than even unions.

John Puma

macnow said...

WE are so screwwwwwwed.

One termer Gov. Kasich, here in Ohio, just got his bill 5 union busting plan passed (yeah its got one more set of votes, but thats a done deal).

While everyone was watching Wisconsin the stealth attack in Ohio happened.

Now while it is not a total outright stripping of collective bargaining it is pretty close, they will get the rest of it later.

I see all these dumbass rednecks at the bars and stores congratulating themselves on putting down the evil teachers and commies.

While living in this "Lost In Middle America" declining Ohio town... all I can think is:

"When the Fudge are U IDIOTS going to wake up and realize you just: signed your own wage death, guaranteed further decline in the local housing market, and further eroded your tax base for minimal necessities!"

I gotta move out of this zombified wasteland, these people are F'nning insane!

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand...everyone says education is important for America to succeed in the future but not too unlike motherhood and peace we mouth the words but do nothing to actually support education, mothers or peace...but we love those ideas. But in contrast we actually support groups and people that are against those causes that we claim are important to us and to our country. For example we actually support and encourage those fly by night pay for no education and have the government back the loan scumbags for profit schools by refusing to make them show that their training actually can result in a job! So education is important but making sure that people selling toxic education can make a profit is more important that Americans getting real education. Profit trumps education, clean water, clean food, safe drugs, safe workers...profit for a few trumps everything else in America.

So in the new Republican world where the market place rules all...where education tends to be a joke we all will have to become experts in law, banking, education, cars, airplanes, food...every little aspect of our lives since government has no business protecting the average citizen...but I bet we will still need the biggest military by far to not only protect American businesses from other nasty countries that want to not be American puppets but in a short time the military will have a role in protecting that 2% that are the only real Americans...

We are screwed and the stupid part is that we are cheerfully racing to the bottom, not the top. Proud Americans waving the flag are supporting scumbags like the Koch brothers in their efforts to force most Americans to join the third world. People get pissed about someone that might have a slightly better job or benefits than they do but they don't get at all excited about a CEO of a company that rips off Medicare (he can become a governor of a state), a CEO moving job overseas using tax advantages or taking from a state or city and moving the jobs anyway...but while their insurance goes up, the insurance pays less...all so the CEO can stay in the highest paid CEO race...and we all become third world peasants. So we have the citizens getting irate about someone managing to stay in the middle class and don't care one bit that nothing has changed on Wall Street to reduce the chance of another melt down as those CEOs work out other ways of ripping us peasants off and having the governess pick up the tab when they screw up.

I keep reminding myself that the average Republican authoritarian is that way and responds to the Republican nonsense because of their mental make up...and they really can't change...but at the same time talking facts or logic to them has about as much sense as trying to talk to a tank of guppies and educate them...