Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bzzzz, thud

The latest chapter of the never ending war is continuing to play out in North Africa and the main island of Japan is rapidly becoming uninhabitable but the first third of the TV news was… the death of a Hollywood icon or for most Americans nothing more than a tabloid icon.

They did get around to mentioning that a city of 30 million now has twice the “acceptable” level of radioactive iodine in their drinking water, but only for babies. They didn’t mention that this is more than 2/3 of the “acceptable” level for adults. They also didn’t mention the other radioactive particles in the water that are far more dangerous or point out that the reactors are still spewing radioactive smoke and the contamination will only get worse on a daily basis.

Workers at the site are rotated after 30 minutes since 60 minutes results in immediate radiation sickness, some people don‘t last that long. The full hour dose is considered the maximum exposure spread over a year. It’s the difference between talking on a cell phone and being a housefly caught in a microwave oven, spread the microwaves over a year the fly would be fine, unless those cancer scares about cell phones are true. The fly should have used a land line.

This all assumes that the numbers coming from Japan are accurate. They probably aren’t. So far there hasn’t been a “real” meltdown and there is an ever increasing likelihood that there will be one or rather somewhere between 4 and 6 of them. This depends on whether the radiation halo around the plants remains at a level where men who are willing to die can continue to work.

If it gets much higher than it doesn’t matter. At a certain level of radiation even robots can’t operate, if robots were available to do tasks of such complexity and they aren‘t. But you can catch Elizabeth Taylor on the old movies channel so why worry, that‘s probably what Col. Kaddafi is doing tonight.