Friday, February 18, 2011

The universal Right Winger

The rebellion against tyranny is in its fifth day at the epicenter in Madison Wisconsin but it is spreading to other states where democracy is under assault. Solidarity rallies are under way in Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri and other places. In a show of bluster reminiscent of Egypt’s former President for life the right wing thug Governor Scott Walker emerged today to proclaim that he will not back down despite today’s crowd swelling to 40,000 plus. This is up from 30,000 on Thursday and 15,000 the day before.

Walker attempted to minimize the turnout by saying that hundreds of thousands of public workers weren’t there, ignoring the other rallies taking place in cities across the state. Indeed he has little incentive to back down as this is the all or nothing push from the far right to take power permanently. If he can crush public unions in the birth place of public unions then the union movement can be killed once and for all. Their goal is that there be no organized resistance to the GOP in the 2012 elections and the Citizens United ruling from the US Supreme Court will allow them to simply buy the election.

Once the far right controls the Federal government they can manufacture a crisis allowing them to consolidate power and crush any opposition.  In the manufactured crisis in Wisconsin the Senate Democrats have fled the state to prevent a quorum so that no vote can be taken and the power grab buried deep in the legislation can be revealed.

And make no mistake the budget crisis is completely manufactured because prior to the Republicans giving away 135 million to crony corporations in January, Wisconsin had a projected 140 million dollar surplus. The multi-billion dollar deficits Republicans project for the future are entirely arbitrary numbers based on the failure of the state to do anything responsible for the next 100 years or so.

No, this is a naked power grab intended to eliminate political opposition that might stand in the way of a permanent Republican majority before the average American wakes up to what is happening to him. The Republicans may have over played their hand by not counting on any meaningful push back.

But, like Mubarak they don’t intend to give in and are going to deploy their own thugs in the form of a three hour Tea Bag rally Saturday afternoon at the Capitol in Madison. An unknown number tea bag protestors are being bussed to face off with the tens of thousands a people who showed up spontaneously to oppose Governor Hosni Walker’s dictatorial rule.
The rightwing noise machine at Fox is predicting that Obama’s henchmen will become violent if they don’t get their way. The parallels to Egypt are striking but the Right really only has one script no matter what language they speak. Lust for power and unbridled greed are universal concepts.


Anonymous said...

Walker has insisted that a state government worker walkout would constitute a crisis justifying the calling in of the National Guard.

This one area in which I would urge our hyper-bipartisan president to concur with his totalitarian political adversaries.

Obama needs to put 10,000
US Marines in the House of Representatives to preclude the GOP's threatened, worse crisis of "shutting down" the federal government.


All seriousness aside, thanks for the great summary.

John Puma