Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pizza triumphs

Protest organizers announced at 7:30 pm that the police are refusing to obey the Governor of Wisconsin's orders to clear the Capitol as he has repeatedly threatened. The large numbers were given as the reason but Gov Walker's candid remarks recorded when he thought he was speaking to tea bag party backer David Koch that he and Republican leaders had seriously considered sending in thugs to cause violence is probably the real reason for their soft mutiny.

Capitol building Police have said no additional people will be allowed in until the official opening at 8:00 am. Pizza will be allowed to cross the lines however. 


Anonymous said...

Gov. Walker,

We are VERY disappointed that you were unable to violate the Wisconsin Constitution in regards the presentation of the official budget.

We have extra provisions to the union-busting bill for you to add in atonement. Fail there and you will have REAL problems.

David KochRoach