Sunday, February 20, 2011

Huge turn out of tea baggers in Madison

Saturday brought the biggest turnout so far in Madison Wisconsin's 6 day siege of the state Capitol with an estimated 70,000 pro-union protesters. The corporate media tried to portray an equivalent number of tea bagger counter protesters but while the pro union crowds were shown streaming down the broad streets in the tens of thousands, the tea bag contingent were shown only in closeup with the perhaps a hundred visible at most.

Faux News's Chris Wallace interviewed the Imperial Walker on Sunday Morning where the Governor had a difficult time even with Wallace's softball questions and brushed by the suggestion by Wallace that the fugitive Senators be declared in contempt and brought in as criminals. The Governor has already attempted to arrest the lawmakers but as they are across the state line in Illinois which not likely to honor extradition for such an absurd reason, it's just bluff and bluster for the tea baggers.

 This just in: the rebels continue to hold their own against the Imperial Walker on the snowy plains of Wisconsin.