Monday, February 28, 2011

Canned Pizza

In a desperate move to cling to power Governor Walker of Libya (I mean Wisconsin) has upped the ante by making still more ridiculous budget claims. He says he needs to layoff thousands of workers if the Senators don’t pass his so called emergency bill but this crisis revolves around the reselling of State debt. He doesn’t mention that he wants to convert one year notes to ten year notes at a much higher interest rate costing taxpayers a ton of money. The Governor calls this “saving money in the fiscal year”, most people would call this kicking the can way down the road and paying through the nose to do it.

He keeps saying that the previous Governors had made pension promises the taxpayers can’t afford to pay. He doesn’t mention that most of the Governors in the past were Republicans and he doesn’t mention that the Pension Fund is 99.7% funded even after Wall Street tanked. The last Governor was a Democrat and not a fool so the State isn’t in bad shape at all, Wisconsin State workers took two weeks of unpaid furloughs to balance the budget. Walker’s punch line to every story he tells is “we’re broke”, this is not true of course, but Walker says what David Koch wants you to hear.

By far the largest amount coverage of the pro-union protest in Madison Wisconsin has come from Fox News who portray it as a violent mob of union thugs, a hundred thousand came on Saturday and not one arrest. Madison is know for its sense of humor and somebody is passing out signs for the little kids to carry saying “I’m a union thug”.  NBC is the only corporate news to give it much coverage but this seems to be shifting as the second major poll has come out showing that Americans favor the unions by 60% to 30% against.

This survey commissioned by CBS and the NY Times also showed taxpayers overwhelmingly favor tax increases over cuts to public workers. Katie Couric confronted union buster NJ Gov Chris Christie with these numbers and while initially taken aback he quickly countered with words to the effect that CBS is just making the numbers up and he speaks for the people.

Governor Walker tried to present his official budget in a closed meeting to a Republican crowd who could get tickets, but he couldn’t get around the Wisconsin Constitution how ever and must do it in the Capitol. Among the crowd refusing to leave by the ultimatum given by the Governor were hundreds of off duty police, Sheriffs deputies and prison guards. Not to be bothered by those pesky protesters he tricked most of them into leaving Sunday night by promising they could come back in the morning and then locked the doors. The doors remained locked all day Monday with only Republican staffers and lobbyists granted entrance. Elected Democratic Assembly Representatives who couldn’t produce official IDs were not allowed in. He even had the windows welded shut to keep pizzas from coming in hoping to starve out the remaining protesters. If you go to a sit-in remember to take canned pizza with you.