Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are you smarter than a fifth grader with a time machine?

Until somebody invents a time machine it will continue to be impossible to borrow from the future. You can only borrow money that exists here and now. What the right wingers really mean is that we are indenturing our children as serfs to the rich people that we owe our current debt to. Of course they really have no problem with that since they fervently believe in an iron fisted oligarchy.

The reason they are screaming now to put the brakes on the debt is to insure they are in power so that the servitude actually happens. You see if they allow liberals to be in charge somebody might point out that we really don’t need to pay back this debt to the rich oligarchy. We could simply make them pay their taxes for a change and the debt would evaporate.

Rolling back the Reagan tax cuts would probably recover the money the rich should have paid in taxes instead of loaning it to the government at interest. This would also take the parasites off the back of business as a 72% tax rate on incomes over the first few million would take away the incentive to tear apart businesses and sell them to China. This should produce a growth rate like we had before Reagan or better if properly implemented.

If this is inadequate to relieve the debt burden from our children we could impose a wealth tax to recover those ill gotten gains from the past 30 years and use the money to rebuild America. It’s probably more likely that somebody will invent a time machine before enough brain dead Americans learn to do this 5th grade math problem and take back their country from a future of debt based slavery.  www.prairie2.com


Dave said...

You know I keep hearing that the government has a spending problem.

Really??? I mean it's not like we're spending money on three undeclared wars or on supporting oil companies that make huge profits. And there certainly isn't a problem with defense and pharmaceutical companies padding their charges to the government.

Oh wait. . . .

At least, thanks to those proposed budget cuts, we'll be able to stop those able-bodied slackers from getting free heat from Uncle Sam. I mean there are enough fraudsters in that group that the government probably loses thousands of dollars in that scam.