Thursday, January 13, 2011

Word of the day

stochastic terrorism, the use of mass communication to inspire the lone wolf to carry out violent acts. The stochastic terrorist is the propagandist and not the person who does the act.


Dave M said...

In our rush to blame right-wing talkers for their hate-mongering, we need to take care not to denigrate free-speech in the process. If we tailor our discourse so as to avoid setting-off crazy people, a lot fewer controversial ideas will be discussed.

This chilling effect will be even more pronounced if legal action is involved. Fear of lawsuits causes a lot of light treading.

As I see it we have to keep the clear-and-present-danger standard when deciding that expression is dangerous. Or put another way, the right wing talkers need to be doing something tantamount to yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater before we start holding them liable for the actions of their listeners.

prairie2 said...

Why do you right wingers keep screaming about Free Speech Rights when you don't hesitate to stifle everyone else's. No we don't need censorship and legal action against these terrorists would be problematic We need to turn the light on them so that they run back under the refrigerator. Without backing from the billionaires they wouldn't be taken anymore seriously than any other village idiot.

That being said I wouldn't take legal action off the table completely, at some point they cross the same line that Osama bin Laden has. Okay, really crossed that line a long time ago. In the last two years there have been a dozen attacks by these people resulting deaths. If her name was Sarah bin Palin there would be a Predator drone with her name on it.

Anonymous said...

I understand that congress is "quietly" considering extension of the "Patriot" Act provisions.

Will they "quietly" insert the definition of, and list penalties for, acts of stochastic terrorism?

Don't sit on a hot stove waiting!!

John Puma

prairie2 said...

Congress isn't likely to amend the Patriot Act. It's already so vague that it probably could be applied besides inciting violence is a crime in itself but the courts would need to cooperate to prosecute. More likely that you'll see more Blackwater storm troopers instead.

ickenittle said...

This free speech mantra from the right gives me a headache. With any right comes responsibility and decency-such an ignored subject in the world of the thugs.
Social pressure is a better enforcer of change. So Sarah keep it up-keep revealing yourself as the fraud you are-you too Limbaugh and Glen.
Just keep building that rope factory.There isn't an endless supply of sociopaths to provide a platform for these nuts forever-though sometimes it might seem like it.

Anonymous said...

Before the age of "mass communications" who or what was given the blame for the lone wolf to carry out violent acts? Personal responsibility never comes into play, obviously. It is always someone else or something else at fault.

Anonymous said...

"Why do you right wingers keep screaming about Free Speech Rights when you don't hesitate to stifle everyone else's...."

Your blog proves nobody has stifled you. Think before you make silly statements that are flat untrue.