Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's weather report

Over the next three days the US will be treated to what is predicted to be the worst winter storm ever in this country. The cost for coping with the snowfall,  ice storms and the damage it causes will be billions. A quarter inch of ice can cause power line and other infrastructure damage that takes weeks to repair. This storm is predicted to blanket a huge area with up to two inches of ice.

The right-wingers know this is just random chance or god's wrath on the queers and democrats or just about anything but global warming. After all it's cold out isn't it? These geniuses can't grasp that winter storms are driven by heat the same as summer storms.

Speaking of summer storms, F5 tornadoes are appearing further and further north and in greater numbers. This succession winter storms have been described as winter hurricanes, well guess what's coming in the summer.

Of course with drastically shifting global weather patterns, there is no predicting what kind of weather we will have in any given year. Weather in general could be unusually mild for years and then we could get weather systems that would require creating new designations, like F6 tornadoes or Category 6 hurricanes. But it's really just god out after the queers.


Dave M said...

I remember a funny thing that happened with the weather about 27 years ago. Ronald Reagan had been elected for the second time and they'd planned to have a nice inaugural parade.

It was so cold on that winter day in Washington DC that they had to call off the parade. HMMMMMMMMM

Dave M said...

My mistake about that cold day, it was in 1985 so that would be 26 years ago. . .apparently I needed a fifth grader to do the math for me.