Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Red Phone rings but the line is dead

January 11, 2011, Defense secretary Robert Gates met Hu Jintao in Beijing for talks on increased transparency about China’s military modernization drive. Earlier that same day China’s new fifth generation stealth fighter plane the J-20 took it’s first test flight. This was apparently unbeknownst to China’s civilian leaders who appeared genuinely surprised when Gates asked them about it.

The US was aware that China was secretly developing a new fighter but thought it was a decade away until photos of it doing high speed taxi texts surfaced in mid December. The usual skeptics claimed it was just a mock up and couldn’t fly or at best a flight test (based on US standards) was still two years away, reality proved different.

The J-20 is similar to the US F-22 in its stealth characteristics but is much bigger, doubtless faster and with much more range and payload capacity. Now the skeptics are saying the Chinese won’t have suitable engines for many years. That’s probably not a good bet, especially considering that the Russians have engines that would work and could use some part of China’s mountain of money.

Flash forward to the not to distant future… After China moved to seize the “rebel province” of Taiwan and they chose to resist, the right wing President of the US sent in the fleet despite the resignation of the Navy Admiral on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The President believes the godless Commie Chinese will back down with a show of force.

The USS Gerald Ford, the first of a new generation of aircraft carriers lies off the Taiwan Straight burning out of control and near sinking. The death toll is unknown but could run over 4000 including lost escort ships. Shore launched Dong Feng 21D ballistic missiles destroyed the task force in a matter of seconds unopposed. Two hundred miles away the USS Ronald Reagan turned to run but took a direct hit to the aft bomb locker and disappeared in a flash of light.

At the same time the Air Force Major in the lead tanker of a group is about to rendezvous with a task force of one hundred planes headed toward Taiwan. He monitors a transmission coming from the AWACS plane supervising the area but it goes dead suddenly. He reflexively glances over at his fighter escorts just in time to see the closest one explode and fall away. Just then there is a violent lurch as Major’s port engine explodes taking much of that wing off the tanker but he isn’t aware of it as chunks of wing have cut through the cockpit.

The lead fighters of the task force jettison their bombs and go to full throttle in attempt to run down the long range Chinese fighters speeding away. The US planes will run out of fuel in two minutes at that setting but it doesn’t matter. They don’t have enough range to reach land and the tankers are gone.

The remaining pilots have no choice but to eject when the fuel runs out and hope for pickup but their satellite uplinks have gone dead and even the GPS has failed. It’s the GPS satellites that relay distress beacons as well as provide guidance for the advanced US weapons systems but they orbit at low altitude and China has taken them out.

Back in the US the President is hopping mad, the lights have gone out and his interview for Fox News is delayed. But the lights have gone out everywhere, the Red Phone rings, an aid picks it up and the line goes dead. The call was to tell the President that the world has changed.


Anonymous said...

The first point: the folks on that side of the world (about half the world's folks) have decided to trade in their own currencies NOT the (former) world currency the US dollar.

Second point: A question, why do the analysts suicidally sell short China's capabilities and work themselves in to a needless dither over Iran?

John Puma

prairie2 said...

Iran isn't about nukes,it's about banks. Iran has some of the biggest banks in world (or they used to) The biggest bank in Moscow for example. The sanctions have all been against their banks.

At this point China is unstoppable so nobody who is to blame for China's rise wants you to notice until they are retired to Switzerland.

Steve said...

On another subject:
Isn't it something how history has not been kind to presidents who win huge victories? I'm thinking about Herbert Hoover and Lyndon Johnson, they both won HUGE victories and got crushed a mere 4 years later...What do you think the odds are that Obama will get crushed in 2012 for screwing over the base of the Democratic Party time after time?

Anonymous said...

May we presume Iran is one of the catalysts in the trading in the currencies of the contracting countries, as opposed to the "coin of the empire."

John Puma

Anonymous said...

With China holding $847B in U.S. debt as of July 2010, I seriously doubt they want us to default or seize those assets. ... So your story sounds interesting, but it is too bad the TV show, Fantasy Island, is no longer playing.

prairie2 said...

Let's see, China can choose between 874 billion worthless USD or world domination. How to choose? How to choose?

You see, you think they are worried about USDs because you are. That's all you have and soon it will all go away. You rightwingers brought this about, live with it.

Anonymous said...

On fantasy island, lefties are ALWAYS correct. ... LMAO.