Monday, January 10, 2011

Listening to your amygdales and the other voices in your head

The right wing noise machine is in full gear to not only deny their crazy talking points motivated a paranoid nut job to shoot twenty people that he believed to be part of the liberal conspiracy but to blame it on liberals. That would be the liberal conspiracy that same right wing noise machine calls liberal/fascist commie abortion loving foreign born (insert racial slur here) enemies of god and all real Americans also known as the Democrat Party.

Even if the shooter was apolitical (but he was a registered Republican) he was attracted to and espoused all the same paranoid delusions that attracts the tea baggers to Rush, Beck and Palin. Really he’s only slightly or even not at all more crazy than millions of others on the far right.

Now Sarah Palin is the victim because the “lame stream media” keeps running clips of her talking and maps with rifle scope icons from her face book page where she paints herself as the purveyor of the very things this nut believed.

Rush and Beck are trumpeting that liberals are using this for political purposes. It’s not political speech that someone from right shot 20 people from the left, it’s a fact. And it’s not the first time. The list of attacks would fill this page and still they say it’s the liberals fault even though nobody on the right has ever been attacked let alone killed.

Rush said today “this is all about criminalizing any speech that disagrees with the Democrats”. More paranoid delusions to fire up the crazies. Fortunately the conservative brain has an enlarged amygdales(a mig dal a) that determines fear and have a smaller anterior cingulate(sing gu let), which is associated with courage, so the attacks are sporadic.

Republicans in Congress are shaken none the less, it’s not just them trying to appear civil. The far right hates them just as much as they hate Democrats, evidence the tea bagger victories in the primaries. They know the next attack could be against one of them, their amygdales tells them so.


Anonymous said...

I know the story is still evolving but from what I have read thus far it has been reported by the Washington Post that Jared Loughner is a registered independent who voted in 2006 and 2008 but did not vote in 2010. I have visited his youtube page and the only thing that confirmed for me is that he is batshit crazy. I think it would behoove everyone to let the facts come out before jumping to conclusions. As it is right now the Dems say he is a right wing crazy and the right says he is a lunatic liberal. The only thing that is clear is that this guy is nuts and crazy people do crazy things. I don't think this guy had strong beliefs in either side of the aisle because if he did he would have either picked a more liberal or conservative figure to go after. Not a house member who described herself as a former Republican and was generally pretty middle of the road in todays political climate. Not exactly an icon of the left or right and I think a lot of pundits trying to pigeonhole this tragedy into a neat little box are going to have egg on their faces when the full story emerges.

prairie2 said...

That is just a right wing talking point. It doesn't matter if he ever voted, that doesn't change anything. There are no revelations to be seen that will put egg on the face of pundits, that is another right wing talking point, "there is unknown truth, so listen to me instead of believing your lying eyes". It's the right wing paranoid crap that sets these crazies off and he is not the only one, there have been dozens of attacks killing hundreds and thousands of attacks that weren't fatal. You can't find a left wing incident that compares (made up stories don't count).

Anonymous said...

So then we should reduce discourse to that which wouldn't rile up even the craziest among us? Outlaw speech that could possibly cause the least stable among us to react? Sometimes traitors need to be called out and liars and criminals as well. Advocating the removal of language that might be deemed controversial from discourse only eviscerates any notion of free speech. Of course that means that things will be said that are lies and are incendiary. The only protection we can give ourselves against the mentally unstable is ready and affordable access to quality mental health services. Just for the record I am left wing, not right, however I do know how to recognize when events are being manipulated to impinge upon my rights and freedom of speech is one of the most basic I have. I thought we all learned in school that it meant that that the importance of the first amendment wasn't to protect popular speech but the least popular of speech so as to protect all speech. Its a slippery slope.

prairie2 said...

I'm not suggesting censorship, that's a rightwing talking point and in fact that is exactly what the right have been doing. They say the crazy things and tell the outright lies and block any response to them. All the while they destroy the economy and spread hate and fear. We need to end the censorship so that people know what is really going on. It's not too hard to figure out why the violence is at such a high level here. We are taught about the American dream and watch it on TV while the rich become even richer and the rest are told its their own fault they are poor, sick and badly educated. It's a wonder their is not more violence. Ronald Reagan did away with mental healthcare, Obamacare will begin to restore it if the Republicans don't block it. After a Congressman has been shot we'll see if they still believe that's a good idea. More likely they will just spend tax dollars on guards.

Ed Encho said...

The Republican co-opted Tea Party has begun fundraising efforts, using the tragic and very prematurely deceased (thanks to a jacked up on vitriol freak with a gun) nine year old Christina Taylor Green as a tool for their latest cynical exploitation. It is somehow apropos that little Christina, who was gunned down in cold blood by lunatic Jared Loughner on Saturday in the Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt was born on September 11, 2001 which is a gift that keeps on giving for the fascist Republican party.

The stench of burning flesh and smoldering fires was still a choking presence in the Manhattan morning breeze by the time that the corpse humpers of the fascist Republican party were engaging in strident demagoguery to exploit the 9/11 dead for political purposes.

Fred Phelps and his filthy snakepit of doomed souls of the Westboro Baptist Church were banned from protesting the funeral but the phony, anti-American Tea Party can use this travesty to raise money?

Gotta give it to the Republicans, they have evolved from borderline necrophiliacs in exploiting the poor wasted Terri Schiavo as a political windfall but now their corpse humping has actually evolved (as such things naturally do) into the raw perversion of using the dead body of a nine year old child to get their rocks off with more spewing of the same lies, hatred and fiendish dog whistle fiendishness to make a buck off of an incident that they are largely responsible for. Shit, if somehow Jared Loughner is able to beat the rap for whatever reason he could be a king hell fundraiser for Palinism and the rest of the hellspawn from the Gingrich/Kristol hijacking of American politics to promote the same sick-fuck end justify the means demagogy that has us all on the brink of an ugly bloodbath that will make the Balkans look like a trip to Disneyworld.