Monday, January 17, 2011

Hu's on first, many things have double meaning

The most powerful man in the world is back in Washington and Speaker of the House John Boner has insulted him by refusing an invitation to dinner at the White House. The significance of this is deeper than it would seem to be at first glance. The invitation was extended by the second most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States for a State dinner in the honor Hu Jintao the premier of China.

Speaker Boner is seemingly unconcerned with the governance of the country he claims loyalty to and that he is unfortunately only two heart beats away from being in charge of. President Obama is said to be pressing Mr Hu on improving the trade balance. You can snicker at that but Obama has been winning at the WTO on trade cases where Obama has slapped China with 99% tariffs for dumping subsidized goods into the US market.

The most recent win has been over tire imports where US tire companies have been enjoying tariff protection for two years now. They have hired thousands of new workers and invested millions in new production capacity as a result.  Hmmm, maybe we could do that with other things we used to make. Alexander Hamilton thought so and George Washington and the first Federal Congress agreed, creating a system of tariffs, trade and manufacturing policies that stood for nearly 200 years. (until Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton)

Speaker Boner’s memories of Alexander Hamilton have probably faded away as he no longer needs to pay his own bar tab (that’s what lobbyists are for). Obama also invited Boner to fly with him on Air Force One to Tucson as he is the Speaker of the House and a member of Congress has been shot down. Despite Boner weeping about it for the cameras he couldn’t miss a Republican cocktail party to make the flight. Is Air Force One dry? No need to part with any Hamiltons to take the trip so maybe the corporate jets he normally flies on make AF-1 seem beneath his standards of accommodation.  

Of course Boner really just snubbing Obama just for petty political advantage but now he has crossed the line. Snubbing the most powerful man on the planet can have consequences and China keeps track of who shows them respect. This could cost boner some Hamiltons.


Anonymous said...

"Speaker of the House John Boner?"

John Boehner, pronounced Bay-Ner.

It is hard to take your views seriously when you act like a child.

prairie2 said...

In what language is "Boehner" pronounced Bay-Ner? On the planet of the orange people? He also insists like all you rabid rightwingers that the Democratic Party is pronounced Democrat Party, so don't anticipate any respect from me. And you seriously think I care about your protests? I deal in reality, your opinion matters not.

Anonymous said...

More delusional rants. You get respect when you give respect. ... time to grow up, kid.

prairie2 said...

Did I strike a chord with the people responsible for the decline of the US? Apparently so and at my age I'll take the insult to my "youth" as a compliment.

Andrea said...

When one is a heavy drinker, it is difficult to make plans for the evening that might require being sober.

The Pill said...

Prairie2 you hit a nerve with this post and as you can see that the rabid rightwing fanatics care not about so-called "respect" based on how little they've shown the "Kenyan" in the White House.

Of course we already know this because they've told us ad nausea that Obama isn't even American.

So why should "Boner" or any of his automatons show any respect? They along with their Fox cohorts in the media are playing to a sizable, gullible, rancid thinking pool of delusional American electorate who believe that undocumented workers, Unions and minorities were responsible for lost jobs, the collapsed housing and economic crisis, and that health care is a commodity that should only be available to those most able to pay (the highest premiums).

The Republican demagogues are so expertly, adept at finding and running down scape goats, especially ones who don't have "lobbyist" after their names.

MIKELA said...

Everyone knows that when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking. Right-wing trolls are stupid.