Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giddy up!

William Daley of the Chicago Daleys is to become Obama’s new chief of staff, he’s currently a senior executive at JP Morgan Chase and former Commerce Secretary for Bill Clinton. He certainly knows what’s wrong with the economy from first hand experience with setting the policies we now suffer from. He’ll be taking a considerable pay cut, probably on the order of 99% from what he’s getting now, his base salary at the bank has been $5 million plus bonuses and perks. With Wall Street banks giving out almost 150 billion a year in bonus money, you can guess that he‘s been doing okay.

Bill also got an immediate and ringing endorsement from the US Chamber of Commerce. The people who represent the large multi-national corporations and would glad see us all enslaved and care not a wit if the US were to even survive. Indeed our complete collapse would indicate they have rung every last cent out of the US.

For Bill Daley to be slumming it on a government salary that’s hardly in six figures it’s almost like he’s one of FDR’s dollar a year men, except they were fighting WWII and Daley has been fighting the class war (and he’s been on the other side). I like to think he’s come back from the enemy camp with the information needed to help us win. Oh, and on personal note, I met some nice Russians online and they sold me a nifty unicorn. I expect it to come in any day now and I hope it was worth the money I paid, one trained for riding isn’t cheap.


Anonymous said...

why doesnt Obama just resign and let JP Morgan and Golman Sachs run the country more than they already do.these people make me sick.