Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The earth has been flat for a long time

On the occasion of his State of the Union speech, Obama used his description of the internet to write the “flat earth” doctrine into stone. He said “In this new era, a company can set up anywhere in the world that there is an internet connection”. In 1773 it was the view of the British East India Company that they could do business anywhere in the world that they could reach by sailing ship. The principle is exactly the same. It’s not technology, it is unregulated predatory capitalism.

They drive down wages below the cost of keeping slaves, keep all profits for the corporation, everybody else can starve. They overwhelm resistance with concentrated capital provided by taxation on the people without representation and no taxes on corporations. Failing that, there was the military option, the military industrial complex isn’t new.

This all changed with the Alexander Hamilton policies on manufacturing and trade adopted by Congress in 1793. They turned a primitive frontier into an industrial giant and it ended in 1980 with the election of Reagan.

To be fair to Obama, if he had mentioned any of these principles in his speech he would have been impeached and convicted by acclamation before he could leave the House chamber.

Obama said “We must make the hard choices to rein in deficits”. You would need to eliminate the all civilian and military activities of the Federal government to balance the budget. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, interest on the debt and other mandatory spending consume the entire revenue of the Federal Government at current tax levels. Tax levels that favor the rich and an economy completely destroyed over the past thirty years.

Obama just participated in a grand performance of Kabuki theater with a supporting cast of 535. Hollywood announced the Oscars this morning as if they are at the top of their trade. They are just rank amateurs.  www.prairie2.com


Richard said...

Malloy just said I should drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. I appreciate them very much and check in daily for the latest and carry a link to your blog on my blog. As soon as the economy turns around and I find work again, I will support you in a tangible (monetary) fashion. As soon as the economy turns around. Oh, right...

Anonymous said...


In reference to a discussion in these comments in which I doubted the Democratic senate majority would reform the filibuster:

"Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) conceded Tuesday night that the fight to overhaul the filibuster was essentially doomed this Congress, saying he was settling for more modest reforms worked out by the leaders from both parties."


John Puma

Andrea said...

I thought the plan set forth by BO sounded reasonable, safe to propose, knowing the Congress will not move to do any of it. I don't understand why they don't follow the fact that when the country is bankrupt and government no longer functioning, it will bankrupt them too. Dubai isn't looking all that great right now.

prairie2 said...

Once they own everything, they can't go bankrupt. It's just a matter of allocating resources. 99% for them, 1% for the brown shirts, none for us.

ColoradoChuck said...

I hear you, Richard. When I got reemployed, I sent in an order for a couple items of of glass art for my wife's birthday that P2 makes--very cool stuff. We have GOT to stick together to support thinkers who expound the truth, like Bruce and Mike. Good luck to you Richard; there is hope, though it dwindles. But there is hope.
Chuck in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Crazy national debt eventually force a 35% cut in defense, medicare, social security. no way around it. just matter of time.

prairie2 said...

(35% cut) The national debt is not the problem, you really can't borrow from the future. You can only borrow money from rich people that they only have by avoiding the taxes any sane government would impose to balance the budget and protect the middle class. In other words this could all be solved overnight if we had government that acted in our interest instead of the interest of .0001 of us. In China people this corrupt would have their organs sold to the highest bidder.