Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The code word for attack is “blood libel”

Sarah Palin is under attack by the main stream media for being, well, Sarah Palin. But since she no defense for being Sarah Palin, she makes it an attack on all her followers, especially the paranoid hard right Christian, Armageddon is upon us crowd.

A “blood libel” refers to the practice of massacring Jews by accusing them of murdering children to use their blood in their satanic rituals. The message is clear, the lame stream media is trying to get the villagers incensed enough to start massacring Jews (I mean fundamentalist Christians).
Actually Sarah Palin might think of herself as a Jew, many on the bottom layers of Christian fundamentalism think they are the “real” Jews who follow Jesus and those people who have the Synagogues are fake Jews and Satan worshipers.

Even more mainstream fundamentalist (everything is relative) believe fervently that Christians are routinely preyed upon by the secular majority. (they believe they are the overwhelming majority yet they are persecuted)  The idea that the government will eventually start rounding them up and killing them is a basic tenet of their faith.

If I worked in the “liberal” media I would be concerned. Sister Sarah has told her followers that the “enemy” is out to get them. She has been encouraging them to be armed and prepared to fight for their lives. Now she is telling them the day of reckoning is at hand. The only thing she hasn’t done is post a new target map.


ickenittle said...

But it wasn't a target-it was a surveyors sight-at least that's the last lie I heard coming from the liars club. Sarah and her minions of blind devotees do hope the end is near and will do anything to hurry it up. Jesus is just a slow poke-he's not moving fast enough for these new/old christian zealots.