Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aqueducts and bullet trains

In another move to consolidate their economic power, China is cutting rare earth exports by 10% and will impose a higher export tariff on raw materials. And in order to end interference from the dominate power from the last century they are moving ahead with military hardware programs years ahead of outside estimates.

According to Admiral Robert Willard, the top US commander in the Pacific, the Dongfeng 21 D missile is now operational. This land-based missile system is designed to track and target aircraft carrier groups with the help of satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and over-the-horizon radar. Aircraft carriers and their accompanying ships are completely defenseless against this type of hypersonic attack.

The missile itself is not a huge leap forward but it is the super computers that direct them that make them so deadly. It’s no coincidence that China now has the most powerful computers in the world. This kind of system is able to input high volumes of data from multiple sources making any attempt to silence the system fruitless.

To further frustrate aggressors this level of computing power renders stealth aircraft obsolete as it is not necessary to paint the target with radar but simply observe the hole in background EM radiation that the stealth technology creates.

To project their power still further into the world, China is now building its own aircraft carriers to add to a mushrooming fleet of ships and submarines. This allows China to provide military protection to its trading partners like perhaps Venezuela and Iran who have been getting nominal protection from Russia.

Rather than just strip mining the third world China has been building infrastructure and improving the economies of their trading partners like no empire since the Romans. The Romans built aqueducts and roads in conquered lands, China is building steel mills and high-speed rail lines in countries like Brazil.

 As America fades away under the weight of Reaganomics, the world has a new dominate force and it’s time to learn to adapt. Practice saying, “wǒ búhuì shuō zhōngwén” which means, “I can’t speak Chinese“.  www.prairie2.com


Anonymous said...

What sissies! Can you imagine "building infrastructure and improving the economies of their trading partners"?

We "real" capitalists don't even need no stinking infrastructure for ourselves, much less for our trading partners.

When you have plug-in room freshener (made in Bangladesh?), who effin' needs infrastructure?!

All attempts at satire aside: isn't it interesting how China has emphatically proven that capitalism and democracy are completely INDEPENDENT entities.

Perhaps this will begin to relieve the national suffocation caused by our most dangerous "religious" fundamentalism, the hysterical
conflation of our (optional) economic system with our constitutionally mandated governmental system.

John Puma

The Pill said...

An excellent piece that clearly characterizes the actual and inevitable decline of the U.S. Empire in all its gory and forlorn glory.

China's resurgent empire and strategic benevolent positioning, also exposes the central, fatal, flaw of what was once considered America's unchallenged foreign policy hegemony.

China, rather than subduing the population of a country it intends to exploit with bombs, bullets and blood, it instead, contributes to the building of their social infrastructure and in exchange, wins the loyalty and respect of that nation’s people.

In effect, it is the most cost effective and non-lethal means of gaining control of a nation without having to expend enormous amounts of its own national treasure and blood, bombing and destroying the development of a country it has every intention of conquering.

The U.S. for all its purported promise of being the beacon of democracy is no longer seen as a safe or even a secure harbor of liberty, decency or hope.

Anonymous said...

I love the writing style and the information provided. The sun does not shine unitl the last paragraph, and it is an idea that I believe is fast becoming true. I would love to send this to my friends, but then I would become friendless.

Anonymous said...

I was turned onto you by Malloy about a year ago and I thinks it's high time to thank you. Thanks for shining your light.