Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today's color code is Blue, very Blue

Unemployment claims were up again last week. The Republicans had claimed that business would go on a hiring spree as soon as Nancy Pelosi’s reign of terror was ended in the House. The Republicans did keep one of their campaign promises today as they killed the Federal extensions to unemployment compensation.

Some four million people will lose benefits at the end of November and many will likely be homeless in time for Christmas. Who would Jesus kick to the curb? The poor and the sick according to the GOP, that would be God’s Own Party to the likes of you. The bill the Democrats put forward to extend coverage for another three months would have cost 12.5 billion but the Republicans blocked the bill as being unpaid for.  The Democrats call this an emergency that doesn’t require an offset of other spending. The Republicans see crushing unemployment as normal, funding tax cuts for billionaires is an emergency that doesn’t need to be paid for, ever.

In order to get the needed 67 votes to ratify the new START treaty with the Russians, President Obama has offered to spend $80 billion on upgrading nuclear warheads. Senator Kyl of AZ is holding up the treaty as he would like to earmark another 8 billion for his cronies and none of this needs to be paid for. This warhead budget of 88 billion would be enough to extend unemployment coverage for almost two years.

By the way this amount is just for the warheads and the labs that oversee the contractors who do the work at a huge profit. Obama’s proposal doesn’t include anything for delivery systems. Submarines, ICBMs, B1 bombers and things they don’t tell us about like suitcase bombs.

The new START treaty also allows for ICBMs to be converted to carry a variety of “conventional” warheads. This new class of warheads would reportedly include kinetic weapons. These would be super bunker busters that wouldn’t even carry explosives but would be like a giant anti tank shell slamming into its target. Traveling at such incredible speed that the kinetic energy released would cut through the target like a plasma laser.

The shock wave and EM pulse produced by such a high energy impact would in theory destroy targets at considerable depth. You wouldn’t want to be down wind of such a strike however as the plume of vaporized material would be quite deadly. Like a DU tank shell but on a much bigger scale.  

The Republicans will counter that this expenditure will “create” jobs (but, but the government doesn’t create jobs). In fact in this case the government won’t really be creating jobs as the work has little or no civilian application and is kept secret anyway. The warheads themselves will sit around for decades so a handful of security jobs will be created but the “product” itself will never produce anything of value.

Speaking of security jobs, Rep. John Mica (R-FL) the soon to be Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has sent a letter to 150 airports suggesting that this would be a good time to replace their TSA employees with private contractors. This has reportedly received wide acceptance since with out Congressional oversight there will be none of that big government intrusion into airport security. We will soon be able to go back to the good old days of 9-10. Or the morning of 9-11 to be more specific.

My color code alternates between a depressed blue and boiling mad red.


Anonymous said...

Stunningly well put.

bushtheidiot said...

I'm so sick of the government handing out money to rich people and companies, it is sickening and maddening to the point where I have to stop paying attention so that my blood pressure doesn't explode my brain.

Instead of buying 600 billion from rich people, the government could have forgiven student loans and/or lower the interest rates on student loans below the shocking 6-9% that the bullshit government student loan rates are currently at. How is it that the banks can get 0% interest from the government but the American student attempting to better herself get hit over the head with an 8% 30-year loan!!??!?!

They could have given every American with a mortgage that is current a tax break. They could have extended unemployment.

Screw all that, they could have just flat out written 280 million americans a $2,142 check!!!

They could have done so many more things that would have genuinely "stimulated" the economy by putting money in the pocket of the "middle class" (I use quotes because there really isn't much of a "middle class" left in this country, their savings and jobs all went to China and Mexico).

Of course, that would require the government to look out for the average american worker in this country. The track record of the good old US of A isn't steller when it comes to putting working Americans first. The government does far better at putting rich tycoons and filthy rich and immoral corporations first. The last three years--just as the last thirty--have proven that to be an empirical fact.

The government is not by the people for the people or of the people. That's a fantasy story Santa Claus tells little kids when they are asking him for their Chinese-made toy at Christmas.